A Different Kind of Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program. In the spirit of what Evolutionary Collective is trying to bring into the world, our affiliate program is not the typical commercial program where making money is the primary goal. We’re trying to create a program based on a higher calling.

Our goal is to create a network of mutual supporting partnerships where we promote each other’s work in a way that furthers each other’s missions and also the deeper mission that we serve together. And we are being selective: We would rather have a small number of affiliate partners whose work is more closely aligned with ours.

affiliates with evolutionary collective

A Flexible Exchange of Value

All partnerships involved an exchange of value: We do things for each other in a way that feels fair and equitable. But in order for us to support each other in a deeper way, our exchange of value can’t be limited to commercial methods. Those methods don’t need to be excluded, we just need other forms of collaboration that are more aligned with what we’re trying to do in the world. For our program, this can take various forms:

  • Traditional affiliate marketing based on commissions: You promote our program and we pay you a commission based on the registration sales generated by your efforts.
  • Traditional affiliate marketing with registration credits in lieu of commissions: Rather than pay commissions, we give you an equivalent credit that you can use for people in your organization to register for the program at a discount.
  • Member discounts: Rather than pay commissions, we provide your organization a special “members only” discount that allows people on your list to get a discount not available to the public.
  • Reciprocal promotions: You promote our event and we promote yours later.
  • Traditional “click trades”: We agree to promote each other’s events to achieve an agreed upon number of click-throughs to the registration page.

We’ll agree on a method that works best for both of us, but we can also use other methods on an exception basis if it feels like a better exchange of value.

However, if you support us on a commission basis, or a method in lieu of commission, values will be determined by the type of program:


Tracking the Results of Your Promotional Efforts

What all of these methods have in common is tracking. We will ask you to register in our affiliate system so that you can get a unique tracking link to use for your promotions. It’s very important that you use that link in all your promotions. It’s the only way we can determine how many people are attending our events as a result of your efforts.

How We Help You Promote Our Programs

For every program you agree to promote, we will provide you with everything you need, including:

  • Program timelines, including best times to send your promotion
  • Copy for email, Facebook and Twitter that you can edit for your community’s needs
  • Suggested email subject lines
  • Graphic ads and banners

How to Sign Up

When you’re ready, please register in our affiliate system. It only takes a minute. You’ll then receive an email with your unique tracking link and promotional resources for our latest programs.


We want your promotions to be successful, so if you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at affiliatesupport@evolutionarycollective.com.