GILLIAN ROSS: Consciousness vs. Catastrophe – Reflections on the Next Stage of Human Evolution

In by Kyle Buckley

In this conversation, Australian spiritual teacher and author Dr. Gillian Ross will share her direct experience of the awakening philosophy of evolutionary spirituality — the awesome realization that the creative energy that has driven the evolution of the universe for billions of years is now becoming conscious of itself through us.

Patricia Albere and Dr. Ross will discuss how this philosophy forges a new way forward for humanity in these deeply  troubled times, inspiring us to awaken our mystical and creative potential and serve the bigger picture with humility, gratitude and a profound sense of our unique purpose.

Listen LIVE on, Tuesday, August 23rd at 11am PST/2pm EST.


kathlyn hendricks

Gillian Ross has an Honors Science Degree and a PhD in Comparative Religion. She is a trained yoga teacher (IYTA) and author of popular meditation, relaxation and yoga CDs published through the ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Corporation) as well as books and articles on science and mysticism. Her 40 acre home in northern NSW Australia has become a place for spiritual retreats and workshops on evolutionary spirituality.

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