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Reverend Jim Lee and Lisa Lee have been holding an evolutionary vision for the Renaissance Unity Church in Detroit, MI. In this conversation with Evolutionary Collective founder Patricia Albere, they will explore the “reality of oneness” and how to gain direct access to the mystical dimensions of consciousness — not just as a solo practitioner, but as a group or congregation.

Together, the three will inquire into the trajectory and future of the New Thought Movement — its mission and greater alignment with the awakening of a new paradigm of unity.

Listen LIVE on, Tuesday, September 13th at 11am PST/2pm EST.


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Rev. Jim M. Lee: Prior to entering the ministry, Jim was a successful Corporate Marketing Instructor and National Marketing Representative with IBM Corporation.  He also became actively involved in community outreach programs including Youth at Risk where he was the Executive Director.

Following his passion for transforming lives, he attended Unity School for Religious Studies, where he completed the Ministerial Education Program in 1994.  He served on the Board of Director for Unity World Wide Ministries for 8 years; the board chair for one year.

Jim has successfully grown churches and developed ministries in Brooklyn, New York and Sacramental, California for the past twenty two years. He is a nationally sought after motivational speaker and teacher and has an in-depth knowledge of Bible metaphysics. Currently, Jim is the Senior Minister of Renaissance Unity in Warren Michigan.


Rev. Lisa E. Lee is the Director of Education at Renaissance Unity in Warren, Michigan, is a licensed Unity Teacher and a Certified Spiritual Educator.

As an educational trainer and presenter, she embraces an evolutionary world view and incorporates integral theory and adult learning into her classes and workshops. Lisa is the Co-director of Trimtab – an organization dedicated to the spiritual development of teachers and to the emergence of leading edge spirituality on the planet.

As a musician and spiritual dancer, she has a passion for kosmic creativity and the employment of multiple intelligences in education. She presented the Spirit’s HeArt workshop, on the role of the arts in spiritual development at a national conference to Unity leaders in 2012. She is founding member of Devotion – a dance group dedicated to spiritual expression through movement and is a certified yoga instructor.