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Begins January 2016

Led by Patricia Albere LIVE in Berkeley and virtually via conference calls.

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

THE OPPORTUNITY: Sacred Community


So many of us are feeling this “sensual longing” for connection with others who have a larger vision for humanity. The Evolutionary Collective Core Intensive is an opportunity to experience that communion with a pioneering group of visionaries who are like you.

The work of the Evolutionary Collective is inspired by this very big vision. We hold a vision of an emerging humanity.

Patricia Albere has experienced the new possibility for humanity that emerges between us when we gather in miraculous ways, for the noblest of reasons, with the perfect amount of sensitivity and commitment. This is the gathering that many of us have been longing for, consciously or unconsciously.  The Evolutionary Collective Core Intensive is the opportunity to join with those who have dedicated at least a full year to this work and are in deep alignment with it.  We are now collectively ready to move into vast new territory in emergent ways.

The Evolutionary Collective Core Intensive is an opportunity for you to be a part of the ongoing collective emergence, for which your heart yearns, that is focused on the evolution of humanity and the planet.

We have all experienced extraordinary moments of collective emergence.

We have all experienced extraordinary moments of collective emergence. These are the times when, for no apparent reason, you find yourself with others in a remarkable way. Everyone is profoundly attuned to each other in the moment. Everyone has come full of generosity and good intentions. Suddenly you become aware that something extraordinary is happening between you.

The energy in these moments of profound communion makes you feel both fully individuated and fully connected at the same time. You find that the very best in you is invited and supported to emerge. You think, “This is how humans should be.”

Indeed, this is how human life should be, but it won’t be unless we join hearts and intent to make it so. In the Evolutionary Collective Core Intensive, you will have the chance to do just that. We are gathering others whose hearts and minds are open to this possibility. Each of us has been looking for a gathering that would allow us to be who we truly are with others who are willing to meet us fully.

It is time for you to join us here.

THE PROMISE: We will build a new world together.

unity consciousness

During this year you will work together 3 times in person, have periodic virtual daylong retreats, and meet every other week via conference call. Month after month…

  • We are committed to living from Unity Consciousness with each other and forging new pathways for unity consciousness in existence.
  • We are creating a sacred community, a sangha with a mind-blowing level of integrity and authenticity.
  • We are joyfully surrendered to what ‘a higher order of human relatedness’ needs to live and grow in this world.
  • We are committed to being orchestrated both collectively and individually to live the highest potentials that are possible for human beings.
  • We are supporting each other to develop into the new human.
  • We will live together from joy, humility and love as we play on the emerging edge of consciousness.
mutual trust course

Membership in the Evolutionary Collective Includes:

Three 3-day Intensives in Berkeley:

Schedule for each Intensive:
Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Dates for the Three-Day Intensives
January 8-10, June 10-12, November 4-6

Click here for location information.

Dates for the Live Daylong Virtual Retreats
April 2, July 23, September 17
Virtual Day Long Retreats are held on Saturdays from 11:00 – 5:30 pm PST.  You can participate from your home or often members gather together locally, while being online with the whole group.

LIVE Virtual 90-minute Seminars:
Virtual Seminars are generally held on alternating Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Intensive January 8-10, 2016

Virtual Seminar #1 – Thursday, January 14
Virtual Seminar #2 – Thursday, January 28
Virtual Seminar #3 – Thursday February 11
Virtual Seminar #4 – Thursday, February 25
Virtual Seminar #5 – Thursday March 10
Virtual Seminar #6 – Thursday March 24

Virtual Daylong Seminar April 2, 2016

Virtual Seminar #7 – Thursday April 7
Virtual Seminar #8 – Thursday April 21
Virtual Seminar #9 – Thursday May 5
Virtual Seminar #10 – Thursday May 19
Virtual Seminar #11 – Thursday June 2

Intensive June 10-12, 2016

Virtual Seminar #12 – Thursday June 23
Virtual Seminar #13 – Thursday July 7
Virtual Seminar #14 – Thursday, July 21

Virtual Daylong Seminar July 23, 2016

Virtual Seminar #15 – Thursday August 11
Virtual Seminar #16 – Thursday August 25
Virtual Seminar #17 – Thursday September 8

Virtual Daylong Seminar September 17, 2016

Virtual Seminar #18 – Thursday September 22
Virtual Seminar #19 – Thursday October 13
Virtual Seminar #20 – Thursday October 27

Intensive – November 4-6, 2016


Evolutionary Autonomy and Leadership

January 8, 9 10 | Our first weekend together will focus on the vision of the Evolutionary Collective by exploring a new possibility in human relatedness that transforms the very fabric of relationship. During this trimester we will:

  • Strengthen our capacity for true autonomy and evolutionary leadership in service of the new paradigm
  • Learn about 2nd/3rd tier leadership
  • Distinguish self-authoring leadership from self-transforming mind leadership
  • Work with natural authority, symmetry and asymmetry
  • Access the source of your authentic uniqueness
  • Discover how radical mutual empowerment occurs
  • Resolve fundamental issues of selfishness and self-concern that displace your ability to truly surrender to your full potentials in relationship to the larger orchestration
  • Establish spheres of influence within the group

We-Mysticism: Selflessness & Surrender

June 10, 11, 12 | We will have established a deep appreciation and abiding in the context of this work and our individual and collective authentic power for evolutionary leadership. This next trimester will focus on deepening our capacity for the shared mystical capacities that will allow us to be further orchestrated by this consciousness. During this trimester we will:

  • Discover the freedom in being free from self-concern
  • Work with the difference between success and service
  • Open to ONEING – the burning yearning for union with this consciousness in its fullness
  • Discover together our capacity to open & dissolve to enable ever greater intensity of embodiment & transmission
  • Work through issues related to surrender & wholehearted commitment
  • Discover the freedom in selflessness and learn collective techniques that sustain the multi-dimensional focus necessary for selfless action
  • Collectively become radically transparent – releasing layers of protection and defensiveness
  • Establish the attractor for our collective consciousness at Willingness – Love

We-Mysticism: Auspiciousness & Grace

November 4, 5, 6 | The momentum and freedom created from our collective capacity for surrender and selflessness propels us into a new dimension of possibilities and potentials. This next trimester will focus on the subtleties arising inside the manifestations of what we are being given – to experience, to do and to embody. During this trimester we will:

  • Auspiciousness is a kind of fruition of grace. We will enter into full relationship with the future/present where this consciousness is in full flower
  • Access our relationship with the ‘future/present’ or omega point
  • Explore our connection to ancient/future selves
  • Collectively generate the powerful energy of ‘radical positivity’
  • Explore the collective elements that displace our full relationship with ‘grace’ & open to the flows of the omega point
  • Explore new practices that strengthen our capacity for non-linear, multi-dimensional flow consciousness

Membership in the Evolutionary Core:

You have completed a certain initiation into this consciousness through the initial 3-Day Orientation and then the Evolutionary Collective Yearlong Intensive. As Patricia has said numerous times, it was the engagement period, a time to come into deeper contact with this consciousness and time to allow elements of your life to reconfigure to the demands and higher frequency of shared unity consciousness.

This Core is an entry point, a coming together, a more complete surrender to being orchestrated both collectively and as an individual. There are subtle and causal elements that shape the power of what we are doing on which we will focus. Even more importantly, emergence will guide us as we wholeheartedly engage with each other and the consciousness itself.


  • Three 3-day Live Intensives hosted at a conference facility in Berkeley, facilitated by Patricia Albere
  • Three full-day Live Virtual Retreats in-between the 3-day Live Intensives
  • Twenty 90 minute Live teleconference calls that include new content and practices
  • Bi-weekly meetings/calls of a 4-person Hub designed to stimulate relational integration of teaching concepts
  • Weekly Mutual Awakening Practices with a designated partner to intensify your availability to experience Unity consciousness while in relationship
  • Membership includes being able to attend any of the 3 New York Core weekends at no charge, to attend Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensives in any city and attend 1.5 day retreats in cities around the United States
  • Special calls and study groups that will include NY & Bay Area Core
  • Regular assignments and readings designed to enhance comprehension and activate integration into routine life
  • mp3 Recordings and PDF Transcriptions of all Live Teachings
  • Course Homepage for all Course materials, recordings, transcriptions, and other resources
  • Secret Course Community Page on Facebook
  • Opportunity to purchase a discounted 16 week 2015 Shift Network Mutual Awakening course led by Patricia – valued at $697.
  • Leadership opportunities to work with the Core and the First Year EC for those being called by the larger orchestration of this paradigm

About Patricia

Patricia Albere brings decades of experience facilitating individual and collective development to this transformational community. Patricia is the Founder of the Evolutionary Collective and has been a contemporary spiritual teacher working with over a hundred and fifty thousand people for over forty years. She is an original voice and innovator in this new dimension of consciousness, sometimes called the ‘we space’ or ‘intersubjective awakening’. She experienced a powerful dual awakening with her intimate partner that changed her forever, and the direct knowledge she was given is the basis of this work.

Patricia also brings to this work a deep knowledge of leading edge transformational and spiritual technologies and practices. She was one of the original staff working with transformational icon Werner Erhard and the EST training program (now called the Landmark Forum). She has trained teachers, coaches and course leaders, and developed and taught the Integral Enneagram Mastery program. Patricia studied with A. H. Almaas (Diamond Heart teachings), and has participated in a number of mystery schools while comprehensively researching and mastering various relational approaches. She co-authored the Free e-book Mutual Awakening: Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness, and her new book WEvolution: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Relating will be coming out in 2016.


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