Mutual Awakening
For Everyone

with the Evolutionary Collective Teacher Body

A special invitation for you

On Wednesday evening, August 2, we are inviting anyone with a sincere curiosity or interest in learning about, and experiencing, the Mutual Awakening Practice, to join Patricia Albere and the Evolutionary Collective Teacher Body at this experiential event.

All are welcome! No experience with the practice is necessary. Free Admission.

Those of us who are training directly with Patricia Albere to teach the Mutual Awakening Practice, along with Patricia herself, will be hosting this event to teach and engage this profound and essential practice.

If you have a passionate commitment to humanity, to the planet and to your own awakening you may already have noticed that new skills and capacities and new ways of being and relating are necessary.

Mutual Awakening is a powerful spiritual opening that occurs between two or more people who have turned toward each other and become sensitively aware of the field between them. This profound level of connection brings us into an inner world that only exists between us. This shared inner space, sometimes called inter-subjectivity or ‘we-space,’ is a new frontier in consciousness.

Please join us!
All are welcome!
No experience with the practice is necessary.

DATE August 2, 2017
TIME 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
LOCATION Rudramandir
830 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA

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