Shock Waves and Groping

In Blog by Patricia Albere

There are times when new evolutionary potentials arise for humanity, punctuated cycles where a portal opens and we are able to develop and discover what was closed to us previously.   There is an opening now where the vision and recognition of ‘heaven on earth’ is experienced as living the future in the present. There’s a sense of a kind of collapse of space/time.  The consciousness that we are sharing together in the Evolutionary Collective is imbued with the future but we are experiencing it as real in the present and simultaneously, we are in the present intuitively being moved by both.

It doesn’t displace the gross and subtle realities that are also present but somehow the consciousness holds it all.  The multi-dimensional capacity to experience different realities simultaneously is part of the non-linear orientation that results in developing through inter-subjective awareness.

The consciousness also has a different sense of scale – instead of our usual focus solely on our private agendas – there is a sense of the magnitude of this new paradigm that is finding it’s way into this world in and through us.  People sometimes say, when they fall through the wormhole into the new paradigm, how huge the implications are of what is happening.  They feel honored to participate in birthing this new consciousness.  It’s a big dream we are dreaming (or rather it is dreaming us) and it will inevitably creates shock waves in the world as it does in our lives.

In order to make ourselves available for this shift in consciousness, we, first, need to develop with others in a way that stabilizes our consciousness in the paradigm of oneness.  From there, we need to be exceeding humble in the face of it.  It will create experiences of intense overwhelm and inadequacy. Whoever we’ve been and the consciousness that has been developed thus far, is clearly inadequate.  It doesn’t mean anything about us except that we are mutating to a new way of being human.

gropingIn order to remain sane and available to the mutation, all we need to do is to stay together and know that we are humbly finding our way into a new way of being human.   Not only, are we not alone, this new way of being human is the lived recognition of our innate oneness.  Teilhard de Chardin said that evolution finds it way by groping it’s way forward.  That should come as a relief, groping and being present to the overwhelm and inadequacy while being present to the enormity of what is unfolding is something we can do…

With love & appreciation,  Patricia