Tentacles of Receptivity

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As most of you know, the most intensive, ongoing work that I do is focused on the Evolutionary Collectives that are held in the Bay Area and in New York City.  People commit for a year at a time. Over the year we meet live for 3 day intensives, have online classes, as well as each person works with a practice partner each week for 6 weeks at a time.  As the 100+ people are working together in pairs each week it has a number of functions – first it’s a powerful practice that deepens our access to the consciousness we are sharing.  It also serves as a kind of nervous system for the collective.  Patricia Albere
The following is a recent Mutual Awakening Practice that two women in the EC shared – they are both in the First Year that has just begun.
Nicole wrote…   Near the end of our practice we were joyfully sharing the presence of “tentacles/antennae with eyes” (Like a Star Wars image) reaching out from us. Playful and alive and scintillating. Hence the references to the tentacles in our email exchange.
Hi Laurie,
I humbly apologize for not getting back to you on the phone. Yet another week of chasing my tail, though I have to admit that it seems that the chase is faster!
Grand_Isle_SkateboardersWhat I wanted to relay was that soon after we got off the phone with MAP practice I was walking back to my car and passed a couple of young guys skate-boarding. One of them ran into a pillar as I walked by. For some bizarre reason (aka opening from MAP practice with new antennae attached!) I told them how good they were and that I loved watching them except when they run into pillars.
Thus ensued a conversation about the culture of skateboarding, the possibility of skateboarding in the Olympics and how that would change the sport, a video clip of current tricks on his phone, demonstrations of tricks they are learning, etc. etc., and one of them repeatedly thanking me for being so open to them and their sport, whereas their usual experience is that people generally are not very welcoming or approving. It was like a revelation to him that all adults are not cold stone pillars. It was extremely sweet and stayed with me, as I am certain the experience stayed with them.
Truly, I have not been a fan of skateboarders, but hey, they were adorable that afternoon; I had new tentacles of receptivity.
Besides the joy of the contact and mutual appreciation of the moment, there was another layer revealed to me in the reflection. Underneath a lot of my relating to others, life, the world around me is a subtle, very subtle, holding back of energy. Not really a ‘no’ but absolutely not a full ‘yes.’ Like a low-lying rumble of a ‘well, maybe, but not so sure, and why bother, and who cares, and maybe there’s something better, or this isn’t quite right, etc. etc. (Sounds like a sneaky ego to me.)
The skateboarding exchange was an innocent but absolute ‘yes,’ and we were all lifted up and out. Fully. Upgrade to “YES”….
(The words seem inadequate here; I hope you can ‘catch’ the experience somewhere between the lines.)
Anyway, you were there in the tentacles. Thank you so much for our practice and for helping to spread the love.
Much love,   Nicole
Good Morning Nicole
WOW!!!! How amazing beautiful. Keep these notes for yourself. After this year is up, you will see how much you have grown. Maybe it was meant for you to have this as a written memory instead of a conversation for many reasons.
You beautifully expressed a loving exchange and I can feel the energy in your words, it bridges me back to our MAP and beyond. It keeps me in the “we” space, holds me there to remember that I am the only one keeping myself from it at any time. It also has the energy to show me  more truth about life and many things.
I love the antenna or tentacles and how they are available to softly take in more and more and they they have the capacity to touch others that are also in the field available to share and exchange.  Awesome!!!!!
I send you love and I can feel it go to you (how cool)
It is such a joy to do this with another that says YES
It changes my world – and it changes me
With gratitude


  1. I so appreciate reading this exchange between Nicole and Laurie. I can definitely relate to the lines, “Underneath a lot of my relating to others … Is a very subtle holding back of energy … The ‘maybe, not so sure, why bother, who cares'” mentality. I am embarrassed to admit how often that limiting perspective runs my days feels overwhelming. How to “upgrade to YES”? According to this exchange: Appreciate what’s in and around me, Give to what’s in and around me, Receive what’s in and around me. Keep reaching out. And MAP, MAP, MAP.

  2. Thank you, I am very appreciative of this reminder to stay open and receptive to what comes.

    I realize how much I miss when I put some soft boundaries around me – and even at 84 years old/young I can still improve and move deeper into the awareness of living as a HOMO UNIVERSALIS – yes I listened to the exchange between Barbara and Patricia – very expansive !! –

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