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“Backing out is never an option….”

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Keeping my word is a mandate I live by.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve committed to doing something, then later wanted to get out of it but ended up doing it anyway because, for me, backing out is never an option.  If I agree to do something, the only way I’m not going to do it is if I’m too sick to move. 

Oprah Winfrey

What are the elements of trust we need to pay attention to? INTEGRITY would be one element – do we give and keep our word?  Does what we say have power in the world?  Or does it not mean much?  Are we honest, not only with others but ourselves?  Do we know ourselves and our capacities accurately and with humility?  Do we have core values?  Do we live in accordance with those values?  Are we transparent, open and willing to be authentic?

Another element of trust is INTENTION.  Someone can have integrity, but their intentions towards you are selfish and unconcerned with having something work for both of you – that would easily create mistrust.  I worked with a wonderful client recently, who was willing to hear, that although they are super successful, competent and have a lot of integrity – people often don’t trust them in working with them because they are selfish and only really interested in what benefits them.  So by paying attention to that one element, he could transform how he shows up for people.

Last element is being COMPETENT.  How many times have you gotten in trouble, trusting someone with integrity and good intentions, only to find out that they couldn’t produce the result that was needed.  Being someone who has the skills and commitment to producing real results is critical to trust.  Having a track record for being effective, helps too.

Where do you show up in this inquiry?   I’d love to hear your comments, sharing and questions.

With love and appreciation, Patricia


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