Beyond Relating

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This is written by one of the members of Evolutionary Collective Core.  A beautiful expression of this shared consciousness…

I’m contemplating this evening our coming together tomorrow, I am feeling a vague sense of being opened, from within. There is an ever so subtle change that feels like a mountain shifting. Something is slipping into place that feels closer to love than I have been able to even imagine before. I didn’t realize that love contained this… yet I don’t know that I can describe it. I can say that it’s not what I always thought.

This is freshly minted…remembering the aching longing for love this long life, for how many lives? But not a longing for this exquisiteness, the longing was for something far less. It was wanting to see and be seen, to know and be known, to include and be included, to hold and to be held, it was a quality that needed a relationship of some sort. It needed some sort of a giver and a receiver, that love I dreamed of. Yes, a relational, reciprocal, human completion kind of thing.

But there is more here, it is sizzling, it is beyond relating, it includes that, but it is more vast, more exquisite. It just is. Just a glimpse into something more complete, totally personal and yet wholly impersonal, open and self-contained. Words are not working here.

Mapping with the divine…and holding you all in this love.
And there is a sense of joy in the whole of creation, feeling the already completeness of everything.


  1. I have been consciously working on healing any residual trauma within, to the degree that I don’t live life from any fear and stress. Consciously reclaiming my equilibrium, serenity. And I have been feeling a remarkable calm lately. Almost can’t believe it, thinking it will go away. Sometimes asking where did this ease come from? And then reminding myself ‘hey’ this is what you’ve been going for. Part of me still can’t believe it! So 1. I am asking for more of what I want, happiness, abundance etc. And 2. practicing imagining and reminding myself that I am ALWAYS held within the ‘field! Om shanti!

  2. I love this! I too find myself remembering that I also used to achingly long for far less than what has become a “new normal” in the realm of Love. Love that sizzles, to use your perfect word, a perfect word that arose as words stopped working for you. I just so completely resonate with you when you say “it’s not what I always thought”. So many times when Wisdom lands (or I can finally see it) Reality isn’t how I expected it to be. Thank you for this post, I feel you right through the page.

    1. Thanks for this Christina. I think I’m going to call you up in the next month or so, to talk about what’s happening for me around my ‘sexual healing.’ I remember the comment you made to me a few weeks ago at the Hubl event. And you were in my dream the other day, kind of as a mentor for what i am going through. Love you! And I’ll be in touch!!!

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