Evolutionary Love & the Evolution of Love

By Patricia Albere
“There’s not enough unconditional love in the universe to heal the
level of pain created from being separate.
The love we need is being
given through evolutionary love – what I call spondic love.”
– Patricia Albere

Have you ever considered that love itself is evolving? At a recent event, I spoke about the evolution of love and then pointed to spondic love, the kind of love our world needs now. 

I’d love to share that teaching with you here…

It’s easy to see that our world is calling us to come together, to move beyond our separate sense of self so that we discover a shared consciousness that we can access together. It’s a consciousness that moves us into a whole new paradigm where shared unity and mutuality are the prevailing reality. It’s foundation rests in this new dimension of love.

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To realizing our highest potentials,