Haven’t Got Time for the Pain…….

By Patricia Albere
While driving across the Richmond Bridge from Berkeley to Marin County in California I had a random 70’s song list playing on iTunes.  (I know… I can hear my DJ son rolling his eyes).  Anyway, Carly Simon came on singing an old favorite…
‘Cause I haven’t got time for the pain
I haven’t got room for the pain
I haven’t the need for the pain
Not since I’ve known you
You showed me how, how to leave myself behind
How to turn down the noise in my mind.

As I sang along, I heard the words differently.  Earlier that day, on a zoom call with two colleagues who are experts in creating large scale spiritual and self-development summits I was shocked to discover that there were hundreds of thousands of people attending summits on TRAUMA.  If you look up ‘trauma summit’ on google, you will get 350,000 results in less than one second and if you google ‘trauma’ directly, over 9 trillion results in the same amount of time.  That’s A LOT of interest in trauma.

It’s worth taking a moment to contemplate humanity’s relationship to ‘trauma’ beyond possibly our own personal experience.  Since the dawn of time the human story, though filled with great achievements and development, has been one of fragmentation, separation and suffering.  The evolutionary template for human existence is a design emphasizing individual development through a kind of hero’s or heroine’s journey.  Our existence depends on being separate individuals learning to survive and succeed in this world.
One simple example is the split between matter and spirit we experience through our individual incarnation.  We can feel trapped, lost, alone and disconnected from source. We focus on trying to stay anchored into our bodies or we meditate and try to free ourselves from the limitations of the mind and density of physical existence.  The endless struggle to overcome separation defines our relationship to the earth, ourselves, our bodies and each other. And even with all the time and energy devoted to our individual healing and development, we seem to be swimming in an overwhelming amount of trauma and pain.  Daily, we awaken into a chaotic world that seems to be generating ever more opportunities to be violated, hurt, disappointed and discouraged. The individual journey then, is to fight the darkness, overcome injustice while trying to love and forgive.
Suffering was the only thing
That made me feel I was alive
Thought that’s just how much it cost
To survive in this world
‘Til you showed me how,
How to fill my heart with love
How to open up and drink
In all that white light
Pouring down from the heaven

We think (without really thinking) that human nature is fixed.  Our creation stories tell us that we were created to have free will within a world of duality that presents us with choices between light and dark. We are existentially on our own, wired with instinctual drives to survive.  Our individual journey is one of experiential learning.  We make choices and reap the consequences.  Hopefully we learn, forgive ourselves and others and find our way forward.  But with almost 8 billion people, separately learning, separately choosing, exercising our individual freedoms, we now live in a world that may not be able to recover from the mess we’ve made.  It’s painfully clear that no savior, no leader or global disaster will catalyze humanity to come together in solidarity to take actions that will solve the problems and the trauma we now share….

Fortunately, evolution (that which gives the potentials for existence itself) has not abandoned us, and is inviting those of us who innately feel an attraction to the future to go further.  If you listen deeply there is something trying to capture our hearts and our awareness.  Some of us can feel that the background frequencies for individually focused work and healing are abating.  It’s actually an acknowledgement, that over many thousands of years humanity has evolved individually and now it’s time to be sourced newly.  Even though many millions of people are still focused on those modalities, the source of the power is no longer plugged in. The axis and arrow of evolution has moved on and its focus changed.  And as soon as the new state has arisen, it immediately assumes center stage in the evolutionary process.  

Humanity is destined to mutate, to change and evolve into a new way of being human.

We are being lifted into an entirely different kind existence where SHARED UNITY is the template.  The pain we experience and inflict on others that comes from our separate egos is not part of the fabric of that existence, of that world.  I know this may sound radical.  It is.  And it’s definitely worth paying attention to. Listen to the part of you that knows something more is not only needed, but knows we have not been abandoned. Healing trauma, although useful is not where the true solutions lie. Existence needs us to listen and begin to align with the new frequencies that are moving us beyond the pain, beyond the design of separation into new ways of being human. 

The highest potentials of evolution beckons.  

The time for the pain is over.