By Patricia Albere

During a recent workshop titled Beyond Me to We: Activating Our Highest Potentials Through Mutual Awakening I shared about a new reality of shared unity and the practice we call Mutual Awakening that facilitates our access to it. I also took questions from those in attendance. One question came through the chat box that I think perfectly encapsulates a question so many of us have right now… 

How do we let go of our story?

Click the video below to hear my response…


The evolutionary forces from the future are inviting us to slip inside a shared intersubjective space where feelings like loneliness and isolation are phenomena of the past.

When we discover what lies beyond our particular story, and the me project we realize there’s a whole new dimensional realm where reality exists inside shared unity. That reality meets our longing for real connection and provides a deep sense of home no matter where we are. It’s the field of living unity.

The next step for humanity is the alignment with these higher potentials of unitive existence.   

I love having these conversations and exploring the possibilities that are available to us together. I hope you’ll join us for a future event.