The difference between understanding or actually accessing the 9th Wave . . .

By Patricia Albere

I hope by now you’ve watched the seminar Dr. Carl Johan Calleman and I gave a few months ago titled Accessing the 9th Wave of Evolution Through Shared Unity

As Dr. Calleman said, 

The 9th Wave allows for a unified connection to the divine that is not based on our individual paths. For many today there is a desire to become enlightened or heal yourself. That’s good and may prepare you to go through different steps. Coming back to quantum theory, though, I want to emphasize that more of the same of an individual path will not lead us automatically to the state of the 9th Wave. There is a need to access something distinctly different. Entering into shared unity allows the quantum leap to the 9th wave.

The good news? There is a reliable way to enter into shared unity and make the quantum leap to the 9th wave. It’s the practice of Mutual Awakening.

The affect and effect of the Mutual Awakening practice was recently illuminated by Jane Cohen, who is a member of the Evolutionary Collective Global community, a virtual community where people from around the world can practice Mutual Awakening 7 days a week.

Every day I hear from people just like Jane. They too express the impact of and their gratitude for the transforming power of the Mutual Awakening Practice and what is happening to their capacity to access the 9th Wave of shared unity that Dr. Calleman is pointing to in his work. 

I’ll be sharing more about the practice of Mutual Awakening, where it came from, how it reliably helps you cross the threshold from an individual orientation to a unitive orientation and more at the upcoming 75 minute, free Beyond Me to We workshop on Monday, September 28th starting at 9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time.

Please plan on joining me for this important conversation.

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To realizing our highest potentials,

Patricia Albere





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