The Wheel of Time…

By Patricia Albere

While I was a student of A.H. Almaas for 8 years, one of the teachings that caught my attention was his teaching on the wheel of time. It indicates that at certain times in history, spirituality emerges to respond to what is needed at a particular time. 

We are living in one of those times.

A new kind of consciousness is emerging that is designed to meet the times we are living in.

Below is a clip of me talking about this phenomenon from when I visited my friends at Integral Centered Leadership in Boulder, Colorado. I hope you enjoy.

The reference point of being an individual on an individual path is what we know. Our reality is based on individuals living in separation. Traditional spiritual practices have been designed to support our ongoing development as separate selves in order to achieve self mastery, union with God or even enlightenment.

But those practices can only take us so far. Individuals experiencing unity alone is not what the world needs, at this point. There is a new possibility for humanity. The possibility of shared unity. 

In Unity,