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Michael Zimmerman: Becoming Authentic – Werner Erhard, Martin Heidegger and the Human Transformation Movement

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In this episode Jeff Carreira talks with Professor Michael Zimmerman about how the German Philosopher Martin Heidegger influenced the development of The Forum in the mid-1980’s. In the first half of the twentieth century Heidegger developed a ground breaking perspective on human potential by rising beyond the customs and norms that we are generally absorbed in.


michael zimmerman

Michael Zimmerman is a professor of philosophy and an expert on Heidegger’s philosophy. He worked closely with Werner Erhard sharing Heidegger’s ideas. In this dialog explores the cascade of ideas that flowed into the EST Training as it developed. You will also get a glimpse into how ideas and luminaries influence each other over time to transform the future. You will also learn how to become authentically yourself.

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