EVOLUTIONARY CO-LEADERSHIP: The Next Stage in Leadership Development

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Our world is quickly outgrowing past models of individual and communal leadership and is in urgent need of new possibilities. Co-leadership is an emergent form of leadership that has the potential to catalyze the emergence of a truly generative society at this crucial time for life on earth. This is not an idealistic vision, but something that is already being implemented in organizations around the world.

In this conversation, Patricia Albere will speak with international consultant, educator and leadership specialist Alain Gauthier about the new forms of leadership emerging now that create a new relational space and fully tap into human potential, while also addressing our society’s key challenges. They will discuss how you can evolve the way you think about and practice leadership, as well as the individual and collective choices you can make to act from an evolutionary co-leadership perspective – whatever sector you are in.


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Alain Gauthier is an international consultant, coach, educator, and author who focuses his work on developing co-leadership and partnering capabilities in and across the private, public, and civil society sectors. He is passionate about integrating the inner and outer dimensions of change and leadership, both at the individual and collective levels, in the service of a new development paradigm. His interest in this aspect of leadership arose from his almost 40 years of work with companies on a global scale and has culminated in his recent book Actualizing Evolutionary Co-Leadership: To Evolve a Creative and Responsible Society. A graduate from HEC (école des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris)  (Paris), Stanford University MBA, and former senior consultant at McKinsey & Company, Alain is currently Executive Director of Core Leadership Development in the San Francisco Bay Area and a partner of In Principo (Collaborative Dynamics) in Paris. Alain has also been a member of the Evolutionary Collective in San Francisco.


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