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A leader brings forth a future that won’t come into existence without them and then inspires others to live into that vision. There is a new emergent model of leadership that arises from the power of evolution pulling us towards greater wholeness in a complex world.

In this conversation, transformational leader and co-creator of the Shift Network’s Leadership Academy Sherri Lassila will join with Evolutionary Collective Founder Patricia Albere to explore what leadership looks like from the new consciousness of “shared unity”. What would it mean to lead from a paradigm of non-separation and a deep knowing of our essential interconnectedness? And how can we each live and lead as an embodiment of the evolutionary impulse, or “optimizing force”, in service to and partnership with the creative forces of existence?

Join Patricia Albere and Sherri Lassila in what promises to be an exciting discussion of the key distinctions and core shifts to fully embody this new paradigm of evolutionary leadership.

Listen LIVE on, Tuesday, February 28 at 11am PST/2pm EST.


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Sherri Appel Lassila is a transformational leader, executive coach, and visionary change agent whose work has transformed the lives of thousands of professionals around the world.  She is the co-creator and lead faculty for the Shift Network’s Leadership Academy and Women’s Leadership Training, and she facilitates a variety of leadership programs at Stanford University, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Center.  With a Stanford MBA and MA in Education, and 17 years of coaching and facilitation experience, Sherri is known for blending transformational inner work with practical results, and for creating highly supportive yet challenging coaching circles for women to expand their authentic power and impact.  Her coaching practice and women’s circles are dedicated to helping talented conscious leaders live their calling with greater joy, inspiration and impact.

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