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An electronic web now surrounds our planet. Our ideas travel instantaneously to all points of the globe on electromagnetic waves and pulses of light. Communications networks have advanced from wires to fiber optics, from interconnected radio and television grids to a world of billions of wirelessly communicating sensory devices. Emerging from what French philosopher-priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the shared “noosphere” of collective human thought, the Infosphere is now a field that engulfs our physical, mental, and etheric bodies.

As we are discovering, the electronic media amplify, distort and attenuate our senses, change our awareness, and “mediate” our experiences. But from an integral perspective, we know that the relationship between consciousness and media works in both directions: technology is not an external force that appear out of nowhere to affect our consciousness, it is also a product and reflection of our evolving consciousness. Evolutionary Collective Founder Patricia Albere and Steven Vedro, author of “Digital Dharma”, will discuss the developmental metaphors of light and shadow in our addiction to our smartphones and social networks, the impossibility of finding the truth over the internet, and the glimpses of “whole field awareness” that are inherent in our emerging “cloud consciousness.”

Listen LIVE on, Tuesday, October 25 at 11am PST/2pm EST.


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Steven Vedro’s “day-time career” was as a technology consultant and project manager for higher education, public television and radio stations, and the US Corporation for Public Broadcasting. His spiritual and personal transformation work includes more than thirty years of meditation and energy healing study and practice. He is a graduate of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process, the Inner Focus School of Soul-Directed Healing, and the Possibilities DNA Vocational Program. He is a Ritual Elder in the Mankind Project, an international men’s organization that conducts initiatory weekends in a dozen countries, and he staff’s men’s healing circles in three Wisconsin prisons. He is a student in the Ruhaniat Sufi Order, and is the author of Digital Dharma (Quest Books, with four foreign-language editions) and numerous articles on technology and spirituality, has spoken at a number of national conferences on technology and consciousness. He is currently developing a web and smartphone app to allow users to send anonymous loving kindness messages to strangers around the world.

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