Geometry of Unity Part II – Activation

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The consciousness of evolutionary unity develops through a dynamic, emergent system of shared symmetry. The logos of the consciousness embodied in the Evolutionary Collective is revealing itself through what Patricia Albere, founder of the Evolutionary Collective, describes as the “Geometry of Unity.” In this conversation between Patricia Albere and Dr. Genét Simone, they will discuss the elements that activate this consciousness and allow it to grow and develop.

During this series, we will inquire into and reveal different facets of the Geometry of Unity. Topics will include: alignment, resonance, sensitivity to entropic or synergistic energies, exploration of the Omega and Origination Points, multi-dimensional consciousness, and more…

Discover the crucial elements that activate and sustain this flourishing Evolutionary Consciousness…

Listen LIVE on, Tuesday, October 11 at 11am PST/2pm EST.


kathlyn hendricks

Patricia Albere is at ground zero of an evolutionary stream of spiritual awakening. One in which we learn to go beyond individual psychology and transformation into a new space of mutual awakening or ‘inter-being’.

She is the founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened ‘we space’ is transforming our understanding of what is possible in the space between us. She is a leader and innovator in the emerging field of ‘inter-subjective awakening’ and post-personal development.

kathlyn hendricks

Dr. Genét Simone has been a teacher educator since 1993, and is currently Academic Program Director and Senior Instructor for Western Washington University, Teacher Education Outreach Programs, in Bremerton, WA.  Dr. Simone was also an adjunct faculty member for Naropa University’s Contemplative Education program from 2000-2013, and worked with core faculty to create and teach curriculum online. She is the author of a variety of articles and book/journal chapters on the topic of contemplative education and social justice. She lives in Seattle, Washington, and is in the beginning stages of initiating an Evolutionary Collective in the Pacific Northwest.

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