Love as a Demand, As Calling Forth

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DEMAND – a forceful statement in which you say that something must be done or given to you; a strong need for something; something claimed as due; a seeking or state of being sought after; urgent need.

CALLING FORTH – to call to someone to come out or come forward; to draw a particular quality or induce a particular behavior.

In the last several decades, many of us have worked hard (and are still working) to learn love unconditionally, without attachments or expectations. We’ve practiced acceptance, trying not to push others (or ourselves) not to be anywhere they’re not. And although these things are important and need to be included, is there a kind of love, a way of being together that WANTS and DEMANDS the fullest realization of the other? A love that calls forth their innate goodness, truth, and beauty to be unleashed into the world…

What is this kind love? How do we truly embody it without crossing over into selfishness or hidden egoic strategies? What possibility can this kind of love unleash for collectives, humanity, and the world? For insights into these questions and more, join Evolutionary Collective Founder, Patricia Albere on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017.

To listen live, please join in on 2/14 at 11 AM Pacific Time by going to


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Patricia Albere is at ground zero of an evolutionary stream of spiritual awakening. One in which we learn to go beyond individual psychology and transformation into a new space of mutual awakening or ‘inter-being’.

She is the founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened ‘we space’ is transforming our understanding of what is possible in the space between us. She is a leader and innovator in the emerging field of ‘inter-subjective awakening’ and post-personal development.

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