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These are the coordinates, the foundational principles that give rise to the reality and existence for the Evolutionary Collective Core or a living body of unity (IntraBeing).
Who's in the Room Matters

To realize and stabilize a living body of unity, it is necessary to gather those who are truly ready and committed to bringing forth non-egoic, shared unity. 

Those drawn to this intersubjective awakening are by no means perfect. The calling is to those who are either sufficiently developed or designed innately for this. The qualities that seem to be most important are human beings who value love, commitment, humility and embody integrity and steadfastness.

Occupying the New Paradigm
Embodying together the next phase of evolution

It is a fact of human history that not only paradigm shifts occur, but entirely new phases of evolution come into existence. New worlds open up and whenever they do it is because some intrepid group of individuals find the courage to leave behind one reality and embrace a new one. 

The Evolutionary Collective is devoted to the embodiment of a new world that is calling to us. This vector is primary. It is the commitment and dedication to live from and within the 9th wave with dedicated others and be willing to be transformed and transfigured in whatever ways are necessary to remain on the leading edge of evolution.

In Service of the Cosmos
Devotion to the Divinization of the World
We come together to embrace the vast evolutionary motive pulling us forward from the future. Our commitment is to mutually discover the selflessness that liberates our ability to be orchestrated together by the highest evolutionary forces available to humanity. Our conscious devotion to the divinization of the world calls forth our own highest potentials.
Rooted in Willingness, Truth & Transparency
A love of the truth is fundamental for the consciousness of intimacy and gives rise to ultrasensitivity and transparency. Truth, intimacy and transparency align us with the evolutionary impulse itself. Willingness is the doorway to higher consciousness and allows us to move way beyond the realm of personal healing. All of this is essential for the existence of the emerging paradigm.
Unity and Uniqueness

Coming from the origination point, our particularity is vivid and effortlessly in a dance with living unity. It arises and is called forth into the world through the unified living body. This vector facilitates the dissolution of our familiar sense of isolation and separation.  Instead we experience being met and seen at the origin of our existence.

Some explorations of awakened unity arise from a non-dual, impersonal perspective. This consciousness is born from a profound experience of uniqueness that arises from the ‘origination point’ embedded within unity.

Staying on the Inside: Mutual Indwelling
Commitment to the Embodied Expression & Health of the Core InterBeing

Mutual and evolutionary commitment is a new and necessary development for our capacity to sustain unity. This vector allows us a way to respond authentically to everything without ever needing to step outside of our commitments to each other and the Core. 

“Staying on the inside” becomes a lived reality for those in the Evolutionary Collective – where everything that we are and everything that we deal with in life exists within the unity we share. We continually turn towards one another in communion. We are the stewards of this unitive existence together as One. We are surrendered to acting and being acted upon, the continuous transfiguration and divine creativity living through us.

Working with Emergence
Functioning from the 9th Wave of Evolution
Emergence is unpredictable. A new paradigm for a higher order of human relatedness is an emergent phenomenon. Our view and orientation to reality arises from emergence. Collective emergence is the manifestation of a new being that has capacities far greater than we can imagine. In the exploration of this vector, you will learn what cosmocentric care is in relationship to emergence.
Spondic Coherence

Coherence is the quality of sticking together, forming a unified whole. Spondic love is the source of creation for the new world. Our living body of unity is made of spondic coherence. Above all, we are connected as the flow through of spondic love, which is generous, supportive, empowering, steadfast and always aligned with the evolutionary forces of the future. Through spondic love we are in & for each other, life and love. We do not forsake or abandon one another through separation, ever.

In (r)Evolutionary love,