If you’re excited about infinitely working on yourself, this isn’t for you…

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I recently came across a video from when I visited my friends at Integral Centered Leadership in Boulder, Colorado. After 5 years and a global pandemic, I’m struck by the fact that what I shared that day is still true – even more so, actually.

There are things that are infinite. Working on yourself is not one of them.

If you’re still excited about the prospect of infinitely working on yourself, this video clip is not for you. 

For everyone else, may this give you a certain hope and light at the end of the personal development tunnel.

I’d love to share more with you about exploring the infinite worlds of what is possible between us, inside shared unity. 

That’s why now feels like the perfect time to extend an invitation to you to join me as I share about Mutual Awakening, a 21st Century spiritual practice designed specifically for these times at my upcoming Beyond Me to We: Activating our Highest Potentials through Mutual Awakening workshop happening LIVE on Saturday, May 8th, at 9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time.


During the 75 minute workshop, I’ll share with you the perspectives and practice that creates the depth of connection we are wired for as humans using the virtual global platform we’ve been pioneering for the last several years. There will also be a time for questions. 

There is absolutely no charge to register or participate.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT and find out all the exciting details.

If you are ready for a spiritual practice that supports your need for connection and is relevant to the complexity and speed of your modern life, then be sure to join me LIVE for Beyond Me to We: Activating Our Highest Potentials Through Mutual Awakening. 

In Unity,



P.S. Beyond Me to We: Activating Our Highest Potentials Through Mutual Awakening happens LIVE on Saturday, May 8th at 9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time. Mark your calendar so you can be sure and attend live. 

After teaching Mutual Awakening to groups of people for over 12 years, I have witnessed such astonishing and meaningful shifts in people’s lives that I feel deeply compelled to spread the word and help even more people to discover this powerful new paradigm of shared unity.

Please feel free to share the link below with your friends and family. 


P.P.S. And if you can’t make it live, register anyway, as you’ll have other opportunities to listen in.