Thresholds of Unity – Being Inside Something Real

In Emails by Patricia Albere

Being inside a body of unity is unique and distinct from anything else you can experience on your own. Your relationship with existence transforms because you are connected to the evolutionary future, which can change everything. Your life is created through the future you see. Inside a living body of unity, you are not only able to re-envision what is possible, but you are directly sourced by a higher wave of energy. More powerful forces begin to carry you forward, and life becomes fuller in ways you didn’t imagine possible previously. 

I’d like to extend a special invitation to you to deeper immersion of shared unity. This opportunity to be with me and a small group of committed people for three weeks creates the conditions needed to move beyond where we can go inside practicing on Global together. I hope you will join me for the Thresholds of Unity Advanced Course starting with a 1-day retreat on Saturday, July 15th.

I encourage you to not miss this special opportunity. I will not offer another Thresholds of Unity Advanced Course this year. So, if you have felt the stirrings to go deeper, I encourage you to register and join us.  

In Unity,


Patricia Albere
Evolutionary Collective Founder
Author or Evolutionary Relationships