[VIDEO] Shifting & Expanding Reference Points of Existence

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One of the great joys of our 7-day a week Global Practice Community dedicated to Mutual Awakening is that I get to hear from people about how this practice is impacting their lives.

I’d like to share with you what Nancy recently said about how the Mutual Awakening practice is changing her life and experience.

Listen to Nancy describe it in her own words by clicking the video below: 

The reference point of being an individual on an individual path is what we know. Our reality is based on individuals living in separation.  Traditional spiritual practices have been designed to support our ongoing development as separate selves in order to achieve self mastery, union with God or even enlightenment.

But those practices can only take us so far. Individuals experiencing unity alone is not what the world needs, at this point. There is a new possibility for humanity. The possibility of shared unity. Since our New Year’s Day 2021 event titled HEAVEN ON EARTH…an idea whose time has come, where Carl Calleman and I spoke about the evolutionary waves of creation and actual potential of shared unity, I’ve been looking forward to giving you much more about HOW that’s possible. Access and alignment is everything…

This Saturday I’m offering a special workshop Beyond Me to We: Activating Our Highest Potentials Through Mutual Awakening. Discover  the 21st century spiritual practice called Mutual Awakening – a simple, elegant practice that reliably moves us beyond separation into shared unity together. 

The 75 minute Beyond Me to We workshop is happening this Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 at 9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time / Your Time Zone.


During the 75 minute workshop, I’ll share with you the perspectives and practice that creates the depth of connection we are wired for as humans using the virtual global platform we’ve been pioneering for the last several years. There will also be a time for questions.  

There is absolutely no charge to register or participate.

and find out all the exciting details.

If you are ready for a spiritual practice that supports your need for connection and is relevant to the complexity and speed of your modern life, then be sure to join me LIVE for
Beyond Me to We: Activating Our Highest Potentials Through Mutual Awakening. 

In Unity,


Beyond Me to We: Activating Our Highest Potentials Through Mutual Awakening happens LIVE on Saturday, January 23rd at 9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time.
Mark your calendar so you can be sure and attend live.



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P.P.S. And if you can’t make it live, register anyway, as you’ll have other opportunities to listen in!