[Video] The Evolutionary Process and Quantum Leap into Shared Unity

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Did you know that the personal development industry is a multi billion dollar industry worldwide and that it is expected to only get bigger in the coming years?

That’s astonishing to me considering that in the early 1970s when I first started working for Werner Erhard and est (now known as Landmark), people had a hard time understanding what the word “transformation” meant. We’d frequently get confused replies such as “Transformation – you mean like a butterfly?” 

We’ve come a long way in those fifty years, and as in all things, there comes a time when vast new potentials open that can take us beyond our imaginings.

Remember, evolution is the most powerful phenomena that there is. It’s the generative foundation of existence. We are at the precipice of a new era, a higher evolutionary wave force supporting entirely new potentials for humanity and existence.

Below is a part of a talk I recently gave where I briefly outline these evolutionary waves and the leap of leaps that this next evolutionary wave is ushering in. 

I’d love to continue the conversation we’ve started and share more with you about this emerging paradigm of shared unity and the Mutual Awakening Practice that takes you there at my upcoming Access Heaven on Earth: Discover the Radical Potentials of Mutual Awakening workshop happening LIVE on Monday, March 8th at 5 pm Pacific Time / 8 pm Eastern Time.


During the 75 minute workshop, I’ll share the perspectives and practice that gives reliable access to the shared unity this next wave of evolution is inviting us into. There will also be a time for questions.

There is absolutely no charge to register or participate.

I hope you will  join me LIVE for Access Heaven on Earth: Discover the Radical Potentials of Mutual Awakening. 

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