Americans, particularly New Yorkers, remember something extraordinary happening in the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Acts of generosity and empathy poured in to New York City from every corner of the world.

Boundaries and divisions between people dissolved; self-interest gave way to consideration and connection. Love prevailed . . . for a little while.

That experience of collective care and cooperation, although inspired by tragedy (and fleeting) was a poignant reminder that embodied unity is a basic human capacity.

The Mutual Awakening Practice is so powerful because it activates that same level of extraordinary human connection and caring that we otherwise rarely experience.

Now there’s a way for a critical mass of people to shift into this unity consciousness that the Mutual Awakening Practice makes possible . . . by engaging the practice ongoingly in a global online community.

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“Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being.”

― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Contemporary spiritual teacher and evolutionary visionary Patricia Albere, is hosting a free, LIVE, 75-minute online event, Evolution Revolution: The Reality of Shared Unity, exclusively for those of you who’ve already been introduced to the Mutual Awakening Practice and want to know what’s next.

Patricia will unveil the first-ever, global, online Mutual Awakening Practice community – an online portal that makes it possible for you to experience the powerful field of unity and connectivity of the global Collective as often as you’d like, and from wherever you are in the world.

For the first time, you can now connect with available, experienced MAP (Mutual Awakening Practice) partners around the globe and join live, daily practice sessions led by expert instructors, as well as be exposed to leading-edge we-wisdom and other kinds of we-practices – without ever leaving home.

At last, we are harnessing love and the connective power of the Internet to revolutionize evolution itself and spread unity consciousness on a worldwide scale. Awakened love is and should be viral, after all!

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During this event Patricia will reveal exactly what is possible for us, for our world and for our future when a critical mass of people from around the globe gain fuller access to our evolutionary selves – and how the all-new, ongoing, virtual Mutual Awakening Practice community will support a whole new awakening for us all.

You also will:

  • Understand the importance of this moment in human evolution, and what we are being called to do to alter the trajectory of a world full of separation, suffering and isolation.
  • Discover why this blessing force of Love and Connectedness NEEDS to be lived by us through the Internet at this critical time in human evolution.
  • Discover how regular engagement through the Mutual Awakening Practice transforms people’s lives – by hearing from those who have been participating in the global community are experiencing. 
  • Recognize the critical difference between passive and active participation in closing the gap of separation – and why it’s imperative that we take a stand for Unity.
  • Gain a clear understanding of this new opportunity . . . and the expert guidance, support and resources you’ll access inside this global community of practice.
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Here’s What Some of the World’s Top Thought Leaders Are Saying About Patricia Albere and the Mutual Awakening Practice

“Patricia Albere is opening the evolutionary doorway to the next stage of human evolution. Her Mutual Awakening Practice enables us to embody and to connect . . . until we form a new whole being. The Mutual Awakening practice is, I believe, a vital evolutionary necessity for the quantum jump that is imminent when we humans are connected as a whole at the proper scale.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard,
Prolific Author and Founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

“Patricia is doing some of the most innovative work now happening at the leading edge of human evolution. I’m aware of spiritual teachers who are intuiting and talking about the emergence of this ‘Higher We’ but I’m not aware of anyone who is as articulate and well-practiced in bringing people into these fields of shared consciousness as she is.”

Stephen Dinan,
CEO and Founder of the Shift Network

“What a powerful and simple way to come together! I’m living extraordinary moments of connection with the Mutual Awakening Practice. Things are powerfully opening up, leading me to unexpected and unknown places of intimacy and connection. I feel tectonic plates are shifting in my personality revealing the next era of Being.”

Martin Rutte,
Co-author of the New York Times Business Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work & Founder of Project Heaven On Earth

“Patricia’s vision is fresh, compelling, and above all hopeful. Her work holds the potent and powerful promise of moving us to the next level of our individual and collective awakening. Because of the path her work is forging, I predict that one day soon, we will find ourselves walking down the street, driving in our cars, or sitting on a subway, profoundly related to and organically connected to those around us, whether we know them personally or not. For when enough of us are awake in this way, we then will know how to solve our many unsolvable problems and co-create a world that we will feel proud to pass on to future generations.”

Katherine Woodward Thomas,
New York Times Bestselling Author, Marriage and Family Therapist
and Inspirational Speaker

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About Patricia Albere

Patricia Albere, founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective, is at ground zero of an evolutionary stream of spiritual awakening—one in which we learn to go beyond individual psychology and transformation into a new space of mutual awakening or ‘inter-being.’ An internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher, evolutionary visionary and best-selling author, Patricia’s unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened ‘we space’ will transform your understanding of what is possible in the space between us and in creating new fields of higher collective consciousness. Patricia’s work creates a powerful field of shared consciousness that reveals previously unimagined potentials for human development that can and are moving humanity far beyond the limits of personal growth. She has worked with over 200,000 people in groups in the last 40+ years. Her mastery as a transformative teacher is now innovating a new field of ‘inter-subjective awakening’ and post-personal development..