Fierce Purity

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Fierce purity.
Demanding that only love live as the truth of life.

Protecting and nurturing the sweet wildness,
laughter, power
and beauty known in the art of real love.

Have you known the immense privilege
of exquisitely and artfully
honoring the other?

Playfully challenging with deep joy and respect
just how beautifully love can be expressed.

Delicate, precise,
unmistakable  tenderness
communicated in the tiniest touch.
The exact flavor of passion
whispered in this kiss,
known only & uniquely
in this moment
with only & uniquely

God can only be recognized in this way,
with honor and dignity,
reflecting His stature
in how we live and breathe
and touch one another.

by Patricia Albere



  1. Awesome. I love you!

    I really like the words Fierce Purity. Feels alive in me and very alive in the Evolutionary Collective.

  2. “Have you known the immense privilege of exquisitely and artfully honoring the other?” I have known this, but only sporadically. And sometimes this honoring isn’t returned. I’m so curious about what mutual awakening can mean for me and other human beings.

  3. Mutuality is what is so important at this stage of evolution – that we are fully and completely in this together.

    1. While I was thinking of my daughter this morning, I read your poem. Immediately my living room and my being were flooded with a memory light of my mother, self, daughter, son and all humanity recognizing the fierce and tender devotion underlying birth into life. No matter how imperfect, Love is always present, wanting to be felt, expressed, met. Thank you Patricia for your vast tenderness and understandings so freely shared. I am happy to be here.

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