Discover How Mutual Awakening Can Expand Your Consciousness So You Can Activate Your Own Potential and Our Shared Evolution.

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what is mutual awakening

Mutual Awakening is a powerful spiritual opening that occurs between two or more people who have turned toward each other and become sensitively aware of the field between them. This profound level of connection brings us into an inner world that only exists between us. This shared inner space, sometimes called inter-subjectivity or ‘we-space,’ is a new frontier in consciousness.

During your first experience of the Mutual Awakening Practice, you will sense the connection with something that is much bigger than yourself and know that you have opened a portal to a new world of existence. You will no longer feel separate from the person you are with – no longer trying to meet across the chasm of space between you – you will know viscerally that you are inside reality together. Love and intimacy naturally arise and you will experience a kind of ‘being in love’ that is evolutionary. It takes us beyond romantic love into what we call ‘the multiple beloveds’. It’s a force that comes from the heart of the cosmos bringing us together in unity.


Download the Free ebook by Patricia Albere, Mutual Awakening: Mutual Awakening, Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness. The Mutual Awakening ebook is devoted entirely to exploring the profound experience of mutual awakening.

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Sign-Up for Free eBook & Live Event

Download the Mutual Awakening eBook and Register for a Free Live Event with Patricia Albere. You will have the option to register for the Free Live Event during the next few months to suit your schedule.



From these experiences of Mutual Awakening in the Free Live Event with Patricia Albere, you will:

  • Explore how Mutual Awakening is a unique form of spiritual Awakening that will greatly enhance your own purpose and potential in the world
  • Learn about the Activating Principles of Mutual Awakening that will catalyze this extraordinary possibility in your own life
  • Uncover how Mutual Awakening is the ‘meditation’ for the “Higher We”
  • Gain a glimpse of the significance and larger context for this new awakening for both yourself, your community and for the planet