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The future is created by directly experiencing it now.

We are stepping into this new world together, practicing it into being.

Active engagement with evolution gives what’s possible for humanity life and dimension.

Through a carefully cultivated and specific alignment, shared unity is not only available to us now, but needs our participation for it to fully come into existence.  

Every day, people from all over the world come together on Evolutionary Collective Global to cross the threshold of separation into the domain of Mutual Awakening and egoless shared unity. 

The future is calling for our active involvement, now.

Will you join us?

The Three Pillars of
Evolutionary Collective Global

Mutual Awakening Practices

At the center of our Global community are the Mutual Awakening Practice sessions (what we call WE-MAPs) with people who know how to enter shared unity with you.

You’ll have access to all the 50-minute and 30-minute sessions offered daily, so come as often as you can.  All Global WE-MAPs are offered on Zoom at a variety of times to accommodate people from around the world.

WE-Praxis Intensives

The WE-Praxis Intensives are 90 minutes and open exclusively to Global members. They are held monthly on a specific theme. Each session includes original teachings and practices that utilize the Mutual Awakening practice as the foundation for exploring dimensions of shared unity.

​Calvin O. Schrag defines PRAXIS as the manner in which we are engaged in the world and with others, which has its own insight or understanding prior to any explicit formulation of that understanding. Although Praxis has many definitions, this concept of doing something and only afterward finding out why you did it, is the reason we named these sessions WE-Praxis. We are innovating and discovering, together, these facets of unity.

WE-Praxis Library

Access the previous 12 WE-Praxis Intensives in the library where you can revisit original teachings and practices with Evolutionary Collective Founder Patricia Albere and Mutual Awakening Teachers.

Examples of past themes are: Evolutionary Faith, Praxis: The Critical Nature of Engagement, Alignment with the Optimizing Force, The Nature of Innocence, Geometry of Unity: Design of Emergence, and Spondic Love.

Inside Evolutionary Collective Global, you will…

  • Be met by people who are as devoted, available and open as you are. As a result, there can be a true mutuality that uplifts not just your practice, but serves the energy and momentum of the whole.
  • Experience unique, leading-edge wisdom and original emergent perspectives that further dimensionalize the paradigm of egoless shared unity and make it more accessible. These teachings arise from a new dimension of collective spiritual awakening. The work that will be shared with you is only available inside a committed environment.
  • Be in a practice community designed as a carefully curated incubator for the evolutionary forces of divinization. This powerful container gives you access to the expert guidance you need to deepen and expand your practice, coupled with the opportunity to infuse the space with the unique energetic offering only you have to give.

Access Teachings That Dimensionalize Unity

Unity has many different aspects and qualities. On Evolutionary Collective Global, we provide teachings and practices that dimensionalize unity, particularly egoless shared unity, that make it real and accessible.

Particularity Within Unity

In this exchange, Nancy H, a newly rejoined Global member, asks Patricia Albere if there is some consistency with the Mutual Awakening experience given that each practice is so particular.

Love is Opening Up to Existence

In this exchange, Val Y shared about her experience of feeling the the spondic love force grabbing her when she first started practicing Mutual Awakening on Global. That level of intensity decreased for a while and then has started to intensify again. She asked Patricia Albere to speak to her experience. 

In Our Members’ Words…

Intimate & Not Personal

I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. It’s been incredible. I couldn’t stop crying the first few times I practiced. It’s the first time being on this planet that I don’t feel invaded or violated. I feel like something is changing in me so deeply. It’s an incredible experience. For the first time in 46 years, I’m able to experience this and want more. Thank you.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Every practice has been so different and unique. It’s as if I know every person I see. It’s as if I’ve been with everyone in the practice. It’s very beautiful, moving and free to be intimate, to be close.

Thank you. All of you.

Erasmia P

Crete, Greece

The quality of the intimacy is so sweet, so juicy, so touching. Without any sharing or introductions, we’re just there. It’s so different than regular life. I’m very appreciative of how deep the intimacy can go with a total stranger and yet a person who, once we’re there, isn’t a stranger. It’s amazing. Thank you.

Christine P

Colorado, United States

Membership Includes Access To

Daily LIVE Mutual Awakening Practice Sessions

You’ll have access to all the 50-minute and 30-minute Mutual Awakening Practice Sessions (we call them WE-MAPs) we offer seven days a week, sometimes at multiple times each day, on Zoom. Join as many sessions as you like. Some people come about once a week, and some people practice almost every day. Our schedule is created to accommodate time zones around the world. As we expand, the number of sessions we offer will increase to meet demand. View the current practice schedule here.

Monthly LIVE WE-Praxis Intensives

Each 90-minute WE-Praxis monthly intensive has been designed to access perspectives in unity that catalyze us to create greater alignment and direct experience with the evolution of egoless shared unity. Each intensive is rich in perspectives and practice.

The sessions are typically on the first Tuesday of the month from 10 to 11:30 am Pacific Time / 1 to 2:30 pm Eastern Time. A full schedule will be provided at the time of membership activation.

Library of WE-Praxis Content

Includes the last 12 WE-Praxis recordings, description of the content, and inspirational quotes so you can reference these teachings again and again.

Mutual Awakening Accelerator Passport

Join any upcoming Mutual Awakening Accelerator (valued at $497) for free, providing there is space. The special registration link is provided on the Global portal.

LIVE Global Optimizers

Participate in 45-minute sessions with our Global leadership team that are dedicated to optimizing your Global Membership by sharing relevant information to literally optimize your membership and answer your questions.

Membership Portal

Exclusive, membership-based, page with access to the Global materials, video recordings, teachings, and other resources all in one convenient to access place.

Global Teaching Videos

Watch video teachings from our WE-MAP sessions that are exclusively available to Global members that will deepen your understanding of the practice and egoless shared unity.

In Our Members’ Words…


We entered a space where every story was erased. It’s so fresh and so new. It’s amazing. We don’t have to do anything. We just are with each other and it happens.  Every movement happens. Every creation happens.

Vini G

Luzern, Switzerland

[I feel like] we’ve been together forever in 30 minutes, united with God. I don’t go around talking about God this way. What a profound connection. So lifted and purified. The flame doesn’t go out when this ends. There’s something that’s opened up. I’m so grateful for this time here. Thank you.

David S

Washington, United States

My two [practices] were very different and the same. The differences help all of that fall away so that you’re in contact with the truth. It’s nice to have these different flavors to let the phenomenon fall away and just deepen in being met.

Brent S

Washington, United States

We experienced what seemed like the mechanics of creation. It was just this cosmic effulgence that kept expanding and scintillating. It was… wow. It was like being inside a star.

Jack B

California, United States

It was a delightful experience. Everything was there and was not there. Finding words was difficult. The exuberance and light, both as light and lightness, was taking us both. The experience was so real. I wanted more.

Roya K

Arizona, United States

It’s astonishing. My father is going through his last days on earth. We [have been] with him the whole night and day. And then the realization that there is a much bigger reality also, and always. It’s always a possibility to come in [here] and to feel in, and to feel safe. You can’t get lost whatever will happen.  Such a release, really. I’m so thankful for this.

Hans I

Luzern, Switzerland


Below is the current schedule you’ll have access to as a member. All sessions are provided online, through Zoom, and require a computer or mobile device with internet, microphone, and camera to participate.  Members are encouraged to come as often as they wish.


Teaching & Practice Sessions


11 am Pacific Time / 2 pm Eastern Time


7:30 pm Pacific Time / 10:30 pm Eastern Time


9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time


5:30 am Pacific Time / 8:30 am Eastern Time


9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time


8 am Pacific Time / 11 am Eastern Time


9 am Pacific Time / Noon Eastern Time


Practice-Only Sessions


5:30 am Pacific Time / 8:30 am Eastern Time


Noon Pacific Time / 3 pm Eastern Time


5:30 pm Pacific Time / 8:30 pm Eastern Time


Noon Pacific Time / 3 pm Eastern Time