“Culture evolves as individuals dare to live a new form of love.”
—Patricia Albere
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You’re here right now because you feel the call to participate in the emergence of a new world – a world based not on divisiveness and hyper-individuation, but on unity, caring, love and cooperation.

This is the world that we long to live in.

Through your personal experience with the Mutual Awakening Practice, you recognize that shared awakening is not only real, it is what is needed to heal our lives and change the world for the better.

In merely 20 years, the Internet has exploded our opportunities to connect . . . but at what level? It offers us nearly instant access to knowledge, information and a certain level of connection with almost anyone, anywhere in the world.

Groups of people from all over the world gathering on Zoom to enter into the Mutual Awakening Practice together moves us from the Internet to the Inner-net. Now, thousands, even millions of us can join together to facilitate this critical shift into shared awakened consciousness.

Nearly every day, human beings can meet from what is deepest in ourselves and create a web of profound human love and connection that can envelope our world and transform our lives.

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Evolutionary Collective is a powerful and palpable space of collective awakening that has been evolving since its inception 12 years ago. There is a noble exchange that occurs when practicing inside this developed field . . . a true mutuality that is both transmissive and supercharged.

NOW we've launched a global space of practice where we can come together from all over the world.  At last, we are harnessing the connective power of the Internet to revolutionize evolution itself and spread unity consciousness on a global scale.

Awakened love is and should be viral, after all!

When you join the
you can be assured:
  • You will be met by people who are as devoted, available and open as you are. As a result, there can be a true mutuality that uplifts not just your practice, but serves the energy and momentum of the whole field of consciousness.
  • Leading-edge wisdom and original emergent perspectives will be conveyed in every session. These teachings arise from a new dimension of collective spiritual awakening. The work that will be shared with you is only available inside a committed teaching environment.
  • The community is designed as a collective incubator. This powerful container gives you access to the expert guidance you need to deepen and expand your practice, coupled with the opportunity to infuse the space with the unique energetic offering only you have to give.
Here’s What People Who Engaged the Mutual Awakening Practice Inside the Collective Say About How It Changed Their Lives:

-- My heart is overflowing with gratitude, for touching the emerging reality of love!!!

It is hard to put into words, what the Evolutionary Global practices have meant to me. I attend at least 5 practices a week, and they are the bright spot of my day. The people, the practice and the emerging consciousness fuel my life with a depth of love, connectedness, creativity and vision. After feeling like a fish out of water, most of my life, ECG is my water. Which has allowed me to enjoy and engage in my relationships in a more trusting and relaxed way. My reactive nature, has disappeared. Laughter and hope have returned. My family is transforming in front of my eyes. Life is richer, sweeter and more creative. I can directly relate my upgraded life experiences to MAPping with my friends on the regular! It is like nothing else. My heart is overflowing with gratitude, for touching the emerging reality of love!!!

—Lara M.

-- Experience the miraculous - every time.

We're living in crazy times. Every day, the news seems to suggest that our world is coming apart. And yet - on every weekday, I have the chance to join live and face-to-face, soul-to-soul with our growing group of EC Global explorers and experience the miraculous - every time - and then to hear the experiences of others, which helps me to know beyond all doubt that what I've tasted is real. The work gives me trust, beyond measure - in myself, in my fellow humans, and in the always present wellspring of beingness itself, inviting me to lay down whatever's in the way of living in alliance with its wisdom and its love.

—Stuart G.

-- Dedicated to birthing a new humanity in, through and as us.

Participation in the Global community has taken the MAP practice from being a personal benefit (expanding my awareness) to being a global participant (creating a new way of being for humanity). The dedication of this community to birthing a new humanity in, through and as us, is both the opportunity and the reward.

—Henry G.

Materials and Community Resources
When you join, we’ll send you everything you need to take full advantage of the community, including:
    • Membership in a community of practice with others who are experienced and committed to deepen inside this consciousness of shared unity.
    • Access to 35-minute and 60-minute LIVE Mutual Awakening practice (we call them WE-MAP) sessions seven days a week on Zoom led by Mutual Awakening Teachers designed to accommodate all time zones. You can access the full schedule that includes sessions by dates and time zone on our here.
    • Exclusive access to monthly 2-hour LIVE WE-Praxis intensives led by Evolutionary Collective Founder Patricia Albere. The sessions alternate between two time slots of 10 am - noon PT / 1 pm - 3 pm ET and 4 pm - 6 pm PT / 7 - 9 pm ET. The full schedule can be found here.
    • Full access to a library of WE-Praxis unique content – including over 12 WE-Praxis audio recordings and inspirational quotes so you can reference these powerful teachings again and again.  Below are just some of the recordings available to you:
      • Omega & Origination Point
      • Radical Transparency
      • Evolutionary Faith
      • WE-Mysticism
      • Liminal Consciousness... Thresholds of Miracles
      • Beyond Relating
WE-MAP Schedule
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Live WE-MAP Sessions lead by Mutual Awakening Teachers are on:

  • 11 am PT / 2 pm ET / 8 pm CET
    Special Teaching & Practice with Patricia Albere (1 hour)

  • 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET / 9 am AET (Tuesday)
    Practice only (35 - 40 min)
  • 7:30 pm PT / 10:30 pm ET / 12:30 pm JST (Wednesday)
    Teaching & Practice (1 hour)

  • 9 am PT / noon ET / 6 pm CET
    Special Teaching & Practice with Patricia Albere (1 hour)

  • 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET / 9 am AET (Thursday)
    Practice only (35 - 40 min)


  • 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 5 pm CET
    Teaching & Practice (1 hour)


  • 9 am PT / noon ET / 6 pm CET
    Teaching & Practice (1 hour)


  • 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 5 pm CET
    Teaching & Practice (1 hour)


  • 9 am PT / noon ET / 6 pm CET
    Teaching & Practice (1 hour)

WE-Praxis Monthly Intensives
Live 2 hour Global Sessions
with Evolutionary Collective Founder Patricia Albere
To accommodate the varying time zones our community member's inhabit, we will rotate the times of the Monthly Intensives as reflected below.
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An essential feature of our online practice community
is WE-Praxis.

So, what does Praxis Mean?

Calvin O. Schrag defines PRAXIS as the manner in which we are engaged in the world and with others, which has its own insight or understanding prior to any explicit formulation of that understanding.

Although Praxis has many definitions, this concept of doing something and only afterwards finding out why you did it is the reason we named this powerful monthly series WE-Praxis.

Our work together is defined by stepping into direct experience inside new realms of love, consciousness and knowledge. More importantly, we are stepping into this new world together, practicing it into being.

The Monthly Live We-Praxis Intensives are:
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Tuesday, August 6th, 2019
4 to 6 pm PT / 7 to 9 pm ET / 1-3 am CET (August 7th, 2019)

"Geometry existed before the Creation.
It is co-eternal with the mind of God…. Geometry is God himself.
~ Johannes Kepler - 1618

The consciousness of evolutionary unity develops through a dynamic, emergent system of shared symmetry. The logos of the consciousness embodied in the Evolutionary Collective is revealing itself through what Patricia Albere, founder of the Evolutionary Collective, describes as the “Geometry of Unity.” In this WE-Praxis Intensive we will work with the elements that activate this consciousness and allow it to grow and develop.

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019
10 am to Noon PT / 1-3 pm ET / 7-9 pm CET

This is written by one of the members of Evolutionary Collective Core. A beautiful expression of this shared consciousness that points to the reality of this consciousness, which moves us 'Beyond Relating.'

I'm contemplating this evening our coming together tomorrow, I am feeling a vague sense of being opened, from within. There is an ever so subtle change that feels like a mountain shifting. Something is slipping into place that feels closer to love than I have been able to even imagine before. I didn’t realize that love contained this… yet I don’t know that I can describe it. I can say that it’s not what I always thought.

This is freshly minted…remembering the aching longing for love this long life, for how many lives? But not a longing for this exquisiteness, the longing was for something far less. It was wanting to see and be seen, to know and be known, to include and be included, to hold and to be held, it was a quality that needed a relationship of some sort. It needed some sort of a giver and a receiver, that love I dreamed of. Yes, a relational, reciprocal, human completion kind of thing.

But there is more here, it is sizzling, it is beyond relating, it includes that, but it is more vast, more exquisite. It just is. Just a glimpse into something more complete, totally personal and yet wholly impersonal, open and self-contained. Words are not working here. We are Mapping with the Divine…

And there is a sense of joy in the whole of creation, feeling the already completeness of everything.  

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
4-6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET / 1-3 am CET (October 3rd, 2019)
It’s actually rare to come into contact at an essential level, to touch each other with our core being—with the substance of our consciousness. Like a radio tuning in to particular frequencies, we will practice contact with self, others, the world, and even other dimensions of existence.
Tuesday, November 5th, 2019
10 am to Noon PT / 1-3 pm ET / 7-9 pm CET
Rather than a linear process of self-discovery, and then movement into relationship – we discover that from mutual awakening we can deepen into both unity and our fierce particularity simultaneously. Deeper levels of unity, flow and profound uniqueness are activated through this new way of working.
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019
4-6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET / 10 am-12 pm AET

In the Evolutionary Collective in 2014, during the Ebola outbreak in the United States, one of our core members was the head of a New York Hospital that was designated to deal with the potential of it becoming a problem in the US. During the weekend we were led to do a series of practices that we now refer to as Causal activism.

Causal activism is distinguished by its emphasis on the potential of collective spiritual practice to be a subtle form of action in the sociopolitical sphere. Consciousness can affect reality through the principle of nonlocal causality. In this WE-Praxis session you will learn more about the scientific and spiritual perspective that gives credibility to Causal Activism and more importantly, we will enter into a collective practice together focused on a global problem we share as human beings.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020: NEW YEARS - OPEN TO PUBLIC
Discover the Hidden Power of Longing
10 am -12 pm PT / 1-3 pm ET / 7-9 pm CET

When you understand the difference between longing and desire it will change your life.

Opening ourselves to longing, activates powerful forces that will move our lives and life itself towards higher possibilities of love and truth. Longing arises from a dimension that is deeper than your individual sense of self - deeper than your soul - it arises from the unknown and comes through us into this world. Longing comes from the divine forces of love and evolution, itself, bringing new potentials into existence.

Together we will inquire into the hidden power of longing… and activate new potentials for 2020.

You can register here:

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
4-6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET / 10 am-12 pm AET

Grace is awakening through the direct intervention of Divinity.

Grace is a presence that wipes out past Karma in a flash - and leaves you awake to your divinity and relationship to the Divine. Grace is the very breath of the Divine.

Where there is oppression - there is the possibility of Grace - if we can face things with a gracious spirit and forgiving heart - grace comes.

It is a state beyond the laws of this world. We will explore together how the ‘Spondisphere’ may be a world where grace, awakened love and shared unity is normal.

When we are touched by grace, we no longer have our own destiny but we become an instrument of the Divine. The new epoch will be marked by Grace.

It returns us to love.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
10 am - 12 pm PT / 1-3 pm ET / 7-9 pm CET

Gnosis is a feminine Greek noun which means "knowledge". It represents the kind of knowledge or insight into humanity’s true nature as divine. The kind of knowledge that drives our current paradigm is distinct from gnosis. We have a vast and ever increasing access to information, understanding, wisdom and discovery. Knowledge has propelled our civilization and the evolution of humanity for tens of thousands of years. We will explore together the knowledge that arises from not only direct experience or contact with something, but knowing through being. Love gives us the highest possibilities of knowing, a higher order of intelligence that arises from being one with life and each other.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
4-6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET / 9-11 am AET

Carlos Castenanda’s metaphor - A cubic centimeter of chance is this momentary nanosecond margin of opportunity which opens and closes like a single pulse - we must fall through at the instant of its opening. Miraculous or impossible events can unfold once we abandon control, all hope and turn it over to this peculiar force. An instant’s hesitation erases the possibility.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Praxis: The Critical Nature of Engagement
10 am - 12 pm PT / 1-3 pm ET / 7-9 pm CET

Calvin O. Schrag defines PRAXIS as the manner in which we are engaged in the world and with others, which has its own insight or understanding prior to any explicit formulation of that understanding.

Although Praxis has many definitions, this concept of doing something and only afterwards finding out why you did it is the reason we named our ongoing monthly WE-Praxis Intensives - WE-Praxis.

Our work together is defined by stepping into direct experience inside new realms of love, consciousness and knowledge. More importantly, we are stepping into this new world together, practicing it into being.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
4-6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET / 9-11 am AET

In order for awakened mutuality to reach its full potential it must rest on a sacred commitment to each other. In this session we will explore how to always remain on the inside of relationship and avoiding the isolating ‘us/them’ consciousness that so often separates us from others.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020
10 am to Noon PT / 1-3 pm ET / 7-9 pm CET

It is a fact of human history that paradigm shifts do occur - new worlds do open up - and whenever they do it is because some group of individuals found the courage to leave one paradigm behind and embrace a new one. It is nothing less than a shift from one reality to another. It is not only a journey into a new world, it is the creation and inhabitation of a new world. Those who are first to venture forward on this journey must do so without agreement from the majority because they are seeing a possibility that others do not yet see or value. We will explore together what really is a paradigm shift and how do we not only experience this new world but what does it take to inhabit it and stabilize the consciousness we are sharing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
The Spiritual Koan of the Future: "Who Says?" or "Maybe Not?"
4-6 pm PT / 7-9 pm ET / 9-11 am AET

Most of us are aware that the future is calling forth something new. Something radically new where emergence is our foundation. In this session we will explore and expand our permission to move beyond our assumptions of spiritual growth and understand the essential function of our inner heretic.

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Here’s What Some of the World’s Top Thought-Leaders Are Saying About Patricia Albere and the Mutual Awakening Practice

-- A vital evolutionary necessity

Patricia Albere is opening the evolutionary doorway to the next stage of human evolution. Her Mutual Awakening Practice enables us to embody and to connect . . . until we form a new whole being. The Mutual Awakening practice is, I believe, a vital evolutionary necessity for the quantum jump that is imminent when we humans are connected as a whole at the proper scale.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard,
Prolific Author and Founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

-- The most innovative work now happening

“Patricia is doing some of the most innovative work now happening at the leading edge of human evolution. I’m aware of spiritual teachers who are intuiting and talking about the emergence of this ‘Higher We’ but I’m not aware of anyone who is as articulate and well-practiced in bringing people into these fields of shared consciousness as she is.”

Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan,
CEO and Founder of the Shift Network

-- Extraordinary moments of connection

“What a powerful and simple way to come together! I’m living extraordinary moments of connection with the Mutual Awakening Practice. Things are powerfully opening up, leading me to unexpected and unknown places of intimacy and connection. I feel tectonic plates are shifting in my personality revealing the next era of Being.”

Martin Rutte

Martin Rutte,
Co-author of the New York Times Business Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work & Founder of Project Heaven On Earth

-- Fresh, compelling, and above all hopeful.

“Patricia's vision is fresh, compelling, and above all hopeful. Her work holds the potent and powerful promise of moving us to the next level of our individual and collective awakening. Because of the path her work is forging, I predict that one day soon, we will find ourselves walking down the street, driving in our cars, or sitting on a subway, profoundly related to and organically connected to those around us, whether we know them personally or not. For when enough of us are awake in this way, we then will know how to solve our many unsolvable problems and co-create a world that we will feel proud to pass on to future generations."

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine Woodward Thomas,
New York Times Bestselling Author, Marriage and Family Therapist
and Inspirational Speaker