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Growing Trust:
The Foundation for the Flourishing of Love
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In Evolutionary Trust: The Invisible Frontier Patricia Albere shares the four dimensions of trust that are necessary to master in order to create the foundation of trust in all aspects of your life. 

In this 35 minute teaching you’ll discover:

  • What the four essential dimensions of trust are, including the fourth, newly discovered dimension - beyond trust.

  • How each dimension of trust impacts your relationships with yourself, others and the world.

  • How mastery depends on having access and the ability to successfully navigate all dimensions of trust.

  • What new possibilities arise for a higher order of human relatedness when we relate from trust based on mutuality.

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Listen to this recorded Living Daylight Meditation with Patricia Albere over and over to restore your relationship to Basic Trust. Practicing this guided meditation regularly can dissolve the tendency to mistrust life and ourselves. From there, begin to truly experience being held in the loving embrace of the universe – a place that is fully alive, pervaded by intelligent consciousness and love.

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