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The other day a dear friend shared a movie called the ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR.  This video came from that movie.

I love animals and feel a deep connection with them.  The cats that have blessed my life by living with me and my family have taught me a lot about the subtleties of communication and love. I’m sure many of you have experienced  ‘inter-species’ love.   I was  moved to feel the consciousness Anna Breytenbach is embodying and sharing with the animals.  Her ‘super’ natural connection is an invitation to all of us.  It mirrors so deeply certain aspects of the work we are doing in the Evolutionary Collective.  We practice sharing that consciousness  in our human connectivity but the consciousness extends to all of existence.

Her work is an invitation to directly extend the space of relatedness to animals and all living things.  By doing that we  can’t help but experience our  true inter-relatedness with nature and all of life.  We can speak about that connection, from our ideas, but when you feel, without question the distinct and true relationship with one animal, one bird, one specific living thing – and you then realize that all of life is alive in that way.  I find when the specific, personal dimension comes alive it breaks through a numbness and unconsciousness that is present in most of us.  When we let ourselves care about one lion, one pigeon, one cat, dog, squirrel, dolphin, seal or rabbit and we feel it’s unique needs, we remember that our presence and connection matter.   It reminds us that we are custodians of life for this world and each other.  Every moment of real recognition, every time we truly see each other and touch each other, the world is changed and we are left standing in the real.  If we could feel each other and all of life with that level of awareness and attention – we could not move through the world and do what we do.

With love and appreciation,   Patricia


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Patricia Albere is at ground zero of an evolutionary stream of spiritual awakening. She is the founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and author.


  1. This video of Spirit has touched me deeply. I have shared it now, with many of my friends.

    I felt a deep … calling to deep within me. I want to sit with that; connect with that; take notice of what it is saying to me, and respond.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.


  2. This is beautiful. I just read twenty pages or so in the e-book about meditation (from Jeff Careira) and was struck by it. I recognized the struggle not to struggle. So i left the book aside for a moment, and laid down on bed, next to ‘my’ cat. I felt completely relaxed and was touched deeply by it’s presence. I went into a meditative state automatically, the cat seemed to respond to this and laid down on my stomach. We lied there for 45 minutes or so without moving a muscle. I was completely relaxed and had no problem to keep still. A cat can be a great help to keep you from moving during meditation. I’ve been on several retreats, and i am deeply grateful to the teachers I’ve met. But sometimes, life itself, can be your biggest Guru. This night my Guru took the form of my Cat.

    Thanks Patricia and Jeff for you beautifull writings.
    Nick. Netherlands.

    1. I know what you mean Nick. Jeff ‘ s book on meditation is a powerful portal. I had it with me on retreat this summer and it opened new pathways for me that I never dreamed possible. And I too feel the way that my cat teaches me to relax and be, be in the truth of the moment. So many moments together where I truly let go. And if I become ‘false’ with him, slip into conditioned relating, he lets me know very quickly! He has taught me the value of feedback in authentic relatedness :). Maureen

  3. Thank you for posting this, Patricia. I have had cats for many years and they are my dear friends. Years ago I was having abdominal problems that were painful. My cat, Alley, at the time was not a lap cat but when the pain got bad, she would climb up on the bed or sofa and onto my stomach. I believe that she knew what she was doing. My current kitty roommate, Clark, sits in my bedroom doorway waiting for me to go to bed. One of my favorite times of the day is when I get into bed with a good book and Clark snuggled up close, purring away. I believe that our connection with animals is an integral aspect of evolution. They (and babies) can open and soften our hearts even in the midst of life’s harshest challenges.

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