At the Evolutionary Collective, we offer different levels of engagement so you can discover, deepen and explore your relationship to this collective awakening that is calling to many of us.

How Evolutionary Collective Works

If you’re new to the Evolutionary Collective, you may want to read here before further exploring How the EC Works.

Begin Simply. Simply Begin.

Learn about the Mutual Awakening practice and the Evolutionary Collective with our Free eBook and participate in a Free Call with Patricia Albere, Founder of the Evolutionary Collective and others from around the world.

If you’re new to the Mutual Awakening practices, or desire a way to integrate the Mutual Awakening Practice into your life regularly, join us for one of our live or online events.

Participate in our quarterly Virtual Retreats with Patricia Albere and our global community in a 3 hour live retreat where you will be able to participate directly in this consciousness.  The retreats are designed to illuminate specific aspects of the Mutual Awakening wisdom and provide practices that actively create higher forms of consciousness and activate the evolution of the new human.

You can also invite your friends, family and partners to join you in one of our Virtual Retreats through a Group Broadcast License… giving you creative license to host a large or intimate gathering in your home or other venue with others you want to invite into a space of higher relatedness.

how evolutionary collective works

Leaning into Awakening Together. Explore the Evolutionary Collective.

If you’ve decided that you are interested in an immersion experience of the Evolutionary Collective and want more than a taste the next step is the 3 Day Orientation Intensive. If you are longing to reach beyond where you and be taken directly into the new paradigm, where your consciousness awakens with others, a consciousness that is more fluid, spontaneous, unself-conscious, connected, and promotes your highest potentials… and doesn’t require you sitting alone – then you are ready.

Come join us for a 3-day Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive in one of our local hubs in the Bay Area or New York. The Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive is a unique transformative spiritual incubator that will allow you to enter into a new arena of individual and collective growth.

The main work of the Evolutionary Collective occurs in a year-long engagement cycle. In order to be considered for entry into a yearlong Evolutionary Collective Intensive in 2016, you must participate in one of the orientation intensives.

In these 3-day intensives you will be immersed in the level of consciousness that has been established in the Evolutionary Collective and the exquisite quality of relationship that is shared by its members. After this immersion you will know beyond doubt whether the opportunity and commitment of the Evolutionary Collective is everything you have been looking for.

The only way to experience the awakening of the Evolutionary Collective Intensive is to join us in Bay Area or New York for one of our Orientation Weekends.

New to EC? Learn more about us here!

Commit to higher relatedness. Be an activating force for the evolution of humanity.

If you have participated in one of an Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensives and know that the yearlong Evolutionary Collective Intensive is for you, you will be joining an extraordinary gathering of pioneers ready to engage the emerging edge of consciousness unfolding in unimagined ways –  we are learning to newly relate, commune, create and serve the future of humanity.

The “Hubs”, as we call them in Bay Area and New York, are yearlong Live and Virtual Intensives that require a high level of commitment, and promise nothing less than activating you to be available to a powerful emergence of consciousness, creativity and fulfillment.

The Evolutionary Collective will take you light years beyond the reductive limitations of development in isolation. It is a rarified container that organically inspires your highest potentials to rise to the surface. Not only is the container like a super-charged anti-gravity field that takes you to new discoveries in Unity consciousness, we also happen to have extreme amounts of fun. Think “spiritual polyamory” meets Cirque du Soleil.

Join us for the yearlong Evolutionary Collective Intensive in Bay Area or New York. There are limited spaces, so sign up now.

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virtual online spiritual courses

Virtual Retreats

Every 3 months we host 3 hour virtual retreats that are open to everyone. These virtual retreats provide insight into different dimension of mutual awakening. Replays are provided after the retreat.

Live 3 Hour Salons

with Patricia Albere are offered monthly in San Francisco and also in New York and Southern California on a regular basis. The Salons serve to bring you into deeper intimacy with the inter-subjective consciousness and the practices for mutual awakening.

live urban retreats

Live One Day Urban Retreats

This one day immersion was designed by Patricia Albere to work more intensely with the mystical principles underlying the power of mutual awakening.

Evolutionary Collective Orientation

The 3-day Intensive is the deepest offering available to the public. During these Intensives, we work with the seven vectors that create the doorway into this consciousness. These Intensives are a pre-requisite for entry into the Evolutionary Collective First Year in either the Bay Area or New York City that begin each January (in Berkeley) and March (NYC).

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Evolutionary Collective First Year

The First Year is open to those who have participated in an Evolutionary Collective Orientation and are ready for this level of engagement with other pioneering souls. It includes four 3-day Intensives on location in New York or the Bay Area, plus virtual calls, practice groups and practice partners to deepen your mutual awakening with others and the consciousness.

evolutionary collective core

Evolutionary Collective Core

Once someone has completed the Yearlong, they can apply to participate in the Core. The Core is living community of EC practitioners dedicated to the embodiment and further exploration of inter-subjective awakening and it’s application in the world through live Intensives, virtual learning and practice.