Are you ready to awaken to a new level of consciousness, beyond mindfulness and contemplation? A consciousness that doesn’t require that you sit alone?

A consciousness that is multi-dimensional, fluid, spontaneous, and radically free?

If you are new to the Evolutionary Collective and not exactly sure what attracted you here…

You’re being called to a new world that is just beginning to emerge, like many of us.

Yet you can’t quite put your finger on what “it” is.

You’re not as inspired by the spiritual work you’ve been doing. You’re longing for love and creativity with others that’s more powerful and profound. You aren’t sure how to find your true tribe – people who are ready to create something new together.

People at the leading edge of a new paradigm always find themselves “groping” – a term used by Teilhard de Chardin. Like seekers who head to the Himalayas to find their guru or Buddha – you may feel a discontent. You have been longing for something that is out of reach, and may have an inkling of what is calling to you.

If you hold on and listen to what’s coming through, you’ll discover that the longing is not personal. What you hear is evolutionary consciousness itself wanting to come into the world, in and through us.

A higher order of human relating or Unity consciousness is calling to you, and to many of us. The Evolutionary Collective is committed to gathering those of us who are ready to move to the next stage of human evolution. We are deep practitioners of personal and spiritual development. And being so guided, we recognize that our current path of individual development will not take us to the next stage of Unity consciousness or yield the significant results that are required of us now.

If you have an impassioned commitment to humanity, to the planet, and to your own awakening – then you already know that it will require new skills, new ways of being and relating that you won’t find through a traditional path of development.

Awakening Together

Through the Mutual Awakening Practices and other teachings, you will become oriented and aligned with this new consciousness and attuned to your own and others’ essence. And it matters who is in the room – your ability to share with others requires enough development to move beyond self-focus.

As you work together with others to create these new grooves, your consciousness becomes free. You will be more able to sense yourself, others and the morphic field itself. Your focus will become more interpenetrating, dynamic, loving and intensely creative.

You, like many others, have experienced states of Unity as an individual momentary experience that has changed your life. Yet now, through this collective work, you will begin to enter into sustained states of Unity by awakening and living it with others. You know that the most powerful way to develop is through having a powerful community of awake souls. The Evolutionary Collective is an awakened community.

Connectedness & Uniqueness

This is not your typical group meditation or sangha where a type of field is created by solo practice, nor is it an ashram or other communal living experience where you give up your regular life and relationships to commit wholly to a shared purpose.

In the Evolutionary Collective, we practice together and explore the rich world of ‘inter-subjective’ awakening. In the ongoing Yearlong and Core, we live in a “we cloud” – a shared consciousness that exists even while living our separate lives. We fall in love with each other, similar to intimate “soul mates,” yet without the entanglement that’s often a part of regular partnering. And as we live from this shared “we cloud,” we experience a heightened sense of our uniqueness.

The Collective

The Mutual Awakening Practices are simple practices that give us access to awakening together. They are the ‘meditation’ of inter-subjective awakening. This highly interconnected state is also called the ‘Higher WE’.

In the Evolutionary Collective, we connect with something that is much bigger than ourselves; we sense we have moved through a portal to another reality. Even most people who “try out” the work for the first time have this experience.

To discover and embody this new consciousness, we need each other. Unlike solo enlightenment, we cannot do this alone.

The Evolutionary Collective is an ever-expanding community of committed pioneers who have come together to embody the highest potentials for human consciousness, culture and spiritual awakening. We are choosing to be together, to practice and learn together, to commit to pushing our own and collective edges to become that next phase of the evolutionary human.

This Collective exists to gather together those of us from around the globe who are ready to give ourselves to this new stage of human development. The internet is an expression of the outer form of this evolutionary movement of connectivity. The ‘inner net’ is the evolutionary edge of our interior development where we can discover and live from the field of interconnectedness. Many people have said that we need a consciousness that is equal to the science and technologies we are creating.

Evolutionary Collective global connection

We are building a society of people who are developing the Unity consciousness – the ‘inner net’- that is necessary to navigate this new world.

What Are the Mutual Awakening Practices?

what are mutual awakening practices

The Mutual Awakening Practices are routine and simple practices that promote an experience of being in the same awakening together. This highly connected state is also called the ‘intersubjective field’ or ‘higher WE’.

In the Evolutionary Collective, we connect with something that is much bigger than ourselves; we sense we have moved through a portal to another reality. Even most people who “try out” the work for the first time have this experience. As we “practice” together, we become connected, “no longer separate”, as we meet across the chasm of space between us.

We become intimate, and “in love”, but a love much larger than a romantic love.

Patricia has called it the ‘multiple beloveds’. In the mutual awakening practices, we are able to be seen and known more fully than ever before. We are finally “home” together.

These practices align people with the evolutionary force of love, also called ‘eros’, the evolutionary impulse or the optimizing force. It is what drives the entire cosmos forward in its unfolding process.

Love strives, through human beings, to form higher connections. As Teilhard de Chardin noted so aptly, “Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being.”

What will you experience by engaging with the Evolutionary Collective?

Through your experiences with the Evolutionary Collective and by participating in the Mutual Awakening Practices, you will:

  • Recognize why individual practices can reinforce your identity and limit your access to a higher level of consciousness
  • Learn how the “bliss” from solo meditation differs from the “communion” available through intersubjective awakening
  • Begin to cultivate the essential skills of mutual awakening to easily access the interwoven field of Unity consciousness
  • End the existential loneliness that can be there when you’ve “grown up and woken up” and have fewer friends who really understand how you want to be in the world
  • Become masterful in activating the shared field of awakening that fosters greater human capacity for spontaneity, flow and creativity
  • Experience your moment to moment consciousness as type of intimacy with everything.
  • Decenter your spiritual practice from your individual body-mind to the shared field
  • Explore how your participation in the shared field will not only help you reach your highest potential, but is part of a larger evolutionary shift
  • Learn ways to accelerate your transformation by tapping into the power of mutual awakening
  • Eliminate the isolation you experience in your everyday life by being connected to a tribe of consciously committed pioneers
  • Enter into a domain of leadership that is based on this new consciousness.
  • Experience directly being orchestrated by evolution itself – collectively and individually.

How you can experience mutual awakening now?

For starters, download the Free ebook, Mutual Awakening: Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness. The Mutual Awakening ebook is devoted entirely to exploring the profound experience of mutual awakening.

Then, you will be prompted to register for a Free Live Call with founder, Patricia Albere where you will experience Mutual Awakening directly and discover what this post-personal, Higher We is all about. Patricia will speak about the new paradigm in which this work resides, and how it can empower you personally, in your work in the world, and how your participation will benefit the evolution of humanity.

Register Here

Register here for the Free E-book and then Sign-Up for a Free Live Call. You will have the option to register for the Free Live Call during the next few months to suit your schedule.

Barbara_Marx_Hubbard,_December_2011“Patricia Albere is opening the evolutionary doorway to the next stage of human evolution. Her Mutual Awakening Practice enables us to embody and to connect, embodiment to embodiment until we form a new whole being. This work goes beyond cultivating We Space to demonstrating “Whole Space.” The frequencies generated by a large group doing Mutual Awakening Practices are an evolutionary consciousness breakthrough. I believe that it sets the field for the larger Planetary Birth, the Great Awakening, the Planetary Pentecost that has been the goal of evolutionary intuition for Millennia. That is, we are heading toward a whole system formation connecting separate people who are already drawn toward co-creating the new world. The Mutual Awakening Practice is, I believe, a vital evolutionary necessity for the quantum jump that is imminent when we humans are connected as a whole at the proper scale.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard
Founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, author of numerous books including
Conscious Evolution, 
Birth 2012 and Beyond, and her newest book The Universe: A Love Story.

JeffSalzman“For me, my greatest joy in the Evolutionary Collective is Patricia’s transmission of integral consciousness. Whether demanding diva, or wise mother, she sparkles with a higher Love, Intelligence and Oomph. I leave one onionskin more Liberated into Life!”

Jeff Salzman
Founder of The DAILY EVOLVER & Boulder Integral

dr keith witt - evolutionary collective review“My participation in the Evolutionary Collective has accompanied the most rapid personal maturation of my adult life. The group evokes levels of depth and authenticity that demand personal evolution and sacred service. In addition, I suspect the fields generated by Patricia and group members have profound effects that are unquantifiable.”

Dr. Keith Witt
Author of 5 books, renowned teacher & licensed psychologist/marriage family
therapist for over thirty-seven years, & regular contributor to Integral Life

From these initial experiences of Mutual Awakening ebook and the live call with Patricia Albere, you will:

  • Discover the power of the emerging edge of consciousness that will catapult your life beyond the realm of healing and personal development
  • Uncover why individual practice reinforces parts of your identity that are inside the current paradigm of “me” that can limit your ability to “grow up” and “wake up” in an embodied way
  • Learn how shifting to a new paradigm grows and transforms your consciousness, perspectives and more importantly your ability to take action and attract abundance into your life
  • Explore how Mutual Awakening opens new possibilities for joyful intimacy, creativity and expanded consciousness
  • Gain a glimpse of the significance of this new awakening for both yourself, your community and for the planet
  • Begin to activate the potentials that will only arise in mutuality with others

How You Can Participate in the Evolutionary Collective

The Evolutionary Collective offers a multitude of experiences that can help you gain access to a shared consciousness and higher order of relatedness, no matter where you live.


If you live in any of these cities, click on the site link to learn more about what is being offered in your backyard. You are also welcome to participate in programs in any of these locations, no matter where you live.

You can join in these local Evolutionary Collective events that are single-day, weekend and yearlong programs to elevate your integration and embodiment of a shared consciousness to propel you into a more awakened, potentiated life.

San Francisco Bay Area
New York, NY

The Evolutionary Collective also offers virtual programs that will engage you in discovering this emerging edge of consciousness and mutual awakening practices. You can participate in our live or downloadable Virtual courses, and even invite your friends or colleagues to join you for a Mutual Awakening event using a Group Broadcast License. Patricia Albere also routinely teaches on The Shift Network platform, where you can enroll in a virtual course.

If you are being called to participate in the next stage of human evolution, and looking for the tribe of conscious pioneers who are committed to something that is much bigger than ourselves, we look forward to your participation in the Evolutionary Collective.

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