Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensives
Our Invitation to You:
Become Part of the Activating Force that Evolves into the Next Phase of Humanity
Evolutionary Collective members

This invitation is for the innovators – for those who are drawn by some invisible force to create something new in this world. This is for the intrepid explorers of ‘inner space’ who want to reach new potentials for being human – and want to do so with others who are ready and excited for what’s next. This is for the 1% on the leading edge who, driven by evolutionary innovation, are intuitively called to dive in before they can rationally explain why. They can smell it and they can sense it – it’s the dawning light of a new consciousness.

We are inviting you to enter an incubator for the highest potentials of human consciousness, culture and spiritual awakening. We are inviting you to join an ever-expanding community of global pioneers devoted to seeding and facilitating the emergence of the new paradigm. This is your invitation to join a revolution in consciousness – a WEvolution – and to experience a way of working together that opens new possibilities for love, life and creativity on this planet.

The leading edge of evolution is being born through the space between us.

After the advent of the atomic bomb, Albert Einstein released this plea: “The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe… a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” It is time for a way of teaching and working together that addresses where the world is now. The internet has connected us in unimaginable ways to each other and to a web of potentially infinite information; our science has shifted from Newtonian to Quantum; the pace and speed of modern life requires a more highly functioning nervous system than ever before; our world population is at 7.4 billion and growing every day. Many have said that we need a consciousness – an “inner-net” – that is equal to the science and technologies we are creating.

When a single cell made the evolutionary leap to become a multicellular organism, a whole new world of potentials was born. This is your invitation to join with others who are committed to birthing a “new type of thinking” – to join those who are choosing to be together, to practice and learn together, and to push their individual and collective edges to become the next phase of the evolutionary human.

To learn more about how the Evolutionary Collective Core is able to dance on this collective edge, you are invited to the 3-day Evolutionary Collective Orientation. This is your opportunity to experience first hand, with me and members of the Core, what it is like to be a part of the WEvolution. Intrigued? Keep reading. The exploration is ongoing and you're invited to be a part of it...

In (r)Evolutionary love,

Patricia Albere
Patricia Albere

Experience the Transformative Power of the Evolutionary Collective
What is the Evolutionary Collective?

The Evolutionary Collective gathers those who are ready to move forward into the next stage of human evolution. We are successful in many diverse fields, have already given ourselves to our personal and spiritual development, and we recognize that further individual enrichment will not yield the significant shift humanity requires.

Together we explore the rich world of ‘inter-subjective’ awakening. Rather than focus on individual realization, we enter in to an awakened space together. As a Collective we inhabit a shared consciousness that is present even as we live our unique, full lives.

We are devoted towards emergence and new domains of discovery.

Though we are constantly learning, this is not a course. It is a living experiment on the leading edge of spiritual development and evolutionary transformation. It is the embodied emergence of a new paradigm of interconnectivity and mutuality. As such it requires a different level of commitment that a course or a training program. This is a relationship… and the soul of this relationship is the evolutionary spark that catalyses the upleveling of relating itself.

The activity of the Evolutionary Collective occurs in year-long engagement cycles. There is an initial Yearlong Intensive that is preparation for full engagement in the Core Collective. There are two core hubs that meet in person throughout the year in New York, and the Bay Area. We support a larger global community who participate via the public offerings of Founder Patricia Albere and the Teacher Body.

What is the Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive?

The Evolutionary Collective occurs in a specific space in consciousness. Our orientation to that space is essential. There are seven vectors that point to and allow us to enter into the space where the power of this consciousness exists.

The 3-day Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive is the opportunity to gather with members of the core and other new people to for a direct immersion in shared unity consciousness.

If you are interested in joining the Evolutionary Collective yearlong, it is a prerequisite to first attend one of the Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensives. After this immersion, you will know beyond any doubt whether the opportunity and commitment of participating in the Evolutionary Collective is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Whether or not you decide to join the yearlong, the 3-day Orientation is a transformative experience that will awaken you to a new world of possibilities – for your life, your relationships, and for humanity.

Evolutionary Collective members
Evolutionary Collective members
Evolutionary Collective members

During the 3-day Evolutionary Collective Orientation
we'll explore through teaching, practice and the sharing

The Seven Vectors that pinpoint
the space in which the work
of the Evolutionary Collective occurs.

VECTOR: A vector is a quantity having both direction and magnitude that describes the location of a point in space.

module 1
Vector One:
Who’s in the Room Matters

This vector will ignite your sense of what becomes possible for us together. To move into and stabilize unity consciousness, it is necessary to gather those who have a certain level of individuation and spiritual development. Those who are drawn to this intersubjective awakening are by no means “perfect.” The calling is to those who are sufficiently developed, who are awake and humble enough to engage fully in a post-personal experiment in collective awakening.

module 2
Vector Two:
Occupying a New Paradigm

It is a fact of human history that paradigm shifts do occur – new worlds open up – and whenever they do it is because some intrepid group of individuals found the courage to leave behind one paradigm and open to embrace a new one. To occupy a new paradigm is to shift from one reality to another. It is a journey to a new world, a new way of seeing, sensing, relating and experiencing. The Evolutionary Collective is devoted to the embodiment of the new world that is calling to many of us, and exploring this vector will give you a palpable sense of what the new paradigm holds.

module 3
Vector Three:
In Service of the Cosmos

We are coming together to embrace the vast evolutionary motive that is actually pulling us forward from the future. Our commitment is to mutually discover the ‘selflessness’ that liberates our ability to be orchestrated together by something higher. This vector can inspire spontaneous and irrevocable alignment with your highest potentials.

module 4
Vector Four:
Rooted in Willingness & Truth

Experience the energetic progression through different levels of development that are necessary to move into higher states of unity consciousness. A love of the truth is fundamental for the consciousness of intimacy and gives rise to ultrasensitivity and transparency. Willingness is the doorway to higher consciousness and allows us to move way beyond the realm of personal healing. All of this is essential for the existence of the emerging paradigm.

module 5
Vector Five:
Unity and Uniqueness

Some explorations of awakened unity arise from a non-dual, impersonal perspective. This consciousness is born from a profound experience of uniqueness that arises from the ‘origination point’ of existence. Vivid and effortless individuation and simultaneous unity is immediately available in the way we practice together. In this vector, the dissolution of the familiar sense of isolation and separation occurs alongside the experience of being met and seen at the core essence of who you are.

module 6
Vector Six:
Staying on the Inside

Mutual and evolutionary commitment is a new and necessary development for our capacity to sustain unity. With this vector, discover a way to respond authentically to everything without ever needing to step outside of our commitments to each other. “Staying on the inside” becomes a lived reality for those in the Evolutionary Collective – where everything that we are and everything that we deal with in life gets brought inside the interbeing that we begin to live in and from. No longer do we have the experience of having to carry things on our own.

module 7
Vector Seven:
Working with Emergence

Emergence is unpredictable. A new paradigm for a higher order of human relatedness is an emergent phenomenon, and so we need to begin to not only see reality through the lens of emergence, but also to orient ourselves toward emergence itself. Collective emergence is the manifestation of a new being that has capacities far greater than we can imagine. In the exploration of this vector, you will learn what cosmocentric care is in relationship to emergence.

Evolutionary Collective members
Evolutionary Collective members
Evolutionary Collective members

This Orientation Is Right For You If…

abstract pattern
  • You are longing to contribute your gifts and capacities towards the leading edge of consciousness.
  • You are ready to be met by other sophisticated and spiritually awake pioneers who share your passion for the ultimate.
  • You are tired of the typical developmental models available today and are excited to see what exists beyond our personal transformation and development.
  • You have a nagging sense that “much more is possible,” and want to join with others to unlock new potentials for love, creativity, and humankind.
  • If you resonate with this description, the Evolutionary Collective provides a powerful container imbued with integrity, commitment and pure motivation.
  • You have an impassioned commitment to humanity, to the planet, and to your own awakening. You know new skills are required… new ways of being and relating that you won’t find through a traditional path of development.
What's Included:

  • Three day immersion with Patricia and Core Members of the Evolutionary Collective
  • Presentations on important orienting perspectives to this evolutionary edge
  • Mutual Awakening instruction and practice
  • Paired and group mandala practices designed to include the gross, subtle, and causal bodies
  • Whole group sharing and inquiry sessions
What People Who’ve Engaged with the Evolutionary Collective Are Saying

— Launched into deeper purpose

As I’ve told many people, my work with Patricia Albere and my years participating in the Evolutionary Collective cracked me open, launched me into deeper purpose, and matured me as man, healer, husband, father, teacher, and community member. The container of the EC works in obvious and subtle ways to shape and release our deepest essences in intersubjective fields that we co-create even as they transform us.


— It’s become home

Since I’ve joined the Evolutionary Collective, I experience a deeper sense of what I’m here to be and do, along with a feeling of being held. I have the sense of being inside this consciousness always. It’s become home. It’s not a place I have to practice to get into. I don’t slip into it. This is consciousness embodied. There’s a depth and breadth to it you don’t find elsewhere.

—Debbie D.

— Everything is accelerated and flourishes

The Evolutionary Collective has been totally life-changing above and beyond any of the other spiritual practices I’ve ever done. It’s because of the consciousness itself . . . because of the place you go in the practice. It’s so alive, so palpable, and so full of richness and love that everything is accelerated and flourishes.

—Amy J.

— Expanded capacity for intimacy

The Evolutionary Collective has expanded my capacity for intimacy. It’s allowed me to be with people completely, both personally and professionally. Engaging this consciousness together is how people become who they are meant to be. It’s how others will see us for who we are meant to be. So we can be useful at the highest order.

—Bob M.

— I find myself in a continual space of expanded, interwoven relatedness

Since the retreat I haven’t really been able to leave the ‘we-space’, nor have I had any wish to. I’ve found myself in spontaneous sharing and facilitation of we-mystical encounters with nearly everyone I connected with. I even find myself in a continual space of expanded, interwoven relatedness as I’m walking the busy streets of Berkeley, navigating highway traffic, searching through grocery aisles – remembering that we are all in this together and we are all in THIS, whether we know it or not. The love and tenderness that ripples through me and around me in the wake of this remembrance brings me home. This (r)evolutionary work of mutual awakening sings to the truth at the heart of me.

—Kyle B.

Exclusive Bonus
Register by Monday, May 20th at Midnight PT
and Receive the MUTUAL TRUST evergreen Course ($297 value)

In this 4-module, self-directed course you will gain mastery in three dimensions of trust that create relationships strong enough to withstand the inevitable breaches that all relationships are subject to:

Basic Trust | Relative Trust | Authentic Trust

This degree of mastery is essential as we aspire to engage in evolutionary relating with others.

Simply register for an Evolutionary Collective Orientation by Monday, May 20th at midnight PT and you will receive the MUTUAL TRUST course at no additional charge.


Register by Friday, June 21st at Midnight PT
and Receive the entire EVOLUTIONARY RELATIONSHIPS evergreen Course ($597 value)


In this 12-session Evolutionary Relationships evergreen course, Patricia will take you into the essential perspectives of this consciousness and introduce new perspectives and wisdom.

Every session builds powerfully upon the previous in a way that supports a holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles that you can use to relate with others in a wholly new way.

After the course you will have:

  • An expanded capacity to show up more fully in your life and in your relationships – able to optimize the potentials open to you and available to see and actualize new possibilities.
  • Shifted into a deeper alignment with the core of who you truly are – making it easier to move away from what no longer supports you and move toward things that do.
  • Be deeply aware of your interconnection with everything and everyone –with a powerful sense of optimism for the future and a restored hope for humanity.
  • New momentum in your life fueled by creativity and love – that will move your life forward with a swiftness and clarity you could never have imagined before.
Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensives Registration

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Retail Tuition: $775

Current Tuition: $675

* Tuition discount only available on the pay in full option,
valid through Tuesday, April 30th at midnight PT.

Two Locations To Choose From:

Long Beach, CA

June 7th – 9th

Long Beach

10 am – 6 pm

10 am – 6 pm

10 am – 4 pm

285 Bay St, Long Beach, CA 90802

Pay in Full – $775 $675 REGISTER NOW
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New York, NY

June 28th – 30th

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2 Payments of $387.50

Refund Policy
Refund available with 2 weeks advance cancellation minus $75 processing fee. No refund available within 2 weeks of the event, but registration may be transferred to an alternate date/location. If you have any questions, please email us at info@evolutionarycollective.com. Thank you!
Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive Registration

New York, NY

June 28th – 30th

New York

10 am – 6 pm

10 am – 6 pm

10 am – 4 pm

303 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

Pay in Full – $775

Registration closes on Monday, June 24th at midnight PT. 

Refund Policy
Refund available with 2 weeks advance cancellation minus $75 processing fee. No refund available within 2 weeks of the event, but registration may be transferred to an alternate date/location. If you have any questions, please email us at info@evolutionarycollective.com. Thank you!
Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive
Registration Closed

A Limited-Time Early
Registration Package

Because it helps as we plan our resources to know how many course participants we’ll have, we’re offering an early registration bonus package for a limited time only.

#1 – Two autographed copies of ‘Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the power of mutual awakening’ by Patricia Albere

#2 – Free participation in any Evolutionary Relationships book launch celebration

During these unique book launch events you will not only get a chance to meet Patricia and get a signed copy of the book, but you will also have a direct experience—with others—of the unique form of relatedness that the book explores.

#3 – Free participation in any (r)Evolutionary Love Daylong Urban Retreat

In these dynamic and experiential daylong retreats, you will explore the profound potential for love and relatedness that Patricia’s book points to, through Patricia’s practice of mutual awakening.

#4 – Mutual Awakening Practice Coaching Session with trained Mutual Awakening Teacher

During this one-on-one 50 minute session, a Mutual Awakening teacher trained by Patricia Albere will guide you into the Mutual Awakening Practice with precision and depth. You will experience the practice with profound clarity, and receive guidance that can be applied to your life and relationships.

Here’s What Some of the World’s Top Thought-Leaders Are Saying About Patricia Albere and the Evolutionary Collective

-- A vital evolutionary necessity

Patricia Albere is opening the evolutionary doorway to the next stage of human evolution. Her Mutual Awakening Practice enables us to embody and to connect . . . until we form a new whole being. The Mutual Awakening practice is, I believe, a vital evolutionary necessity for the quantum jump that is imminent when we humans are connected as a whole at the proper scale.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard,
Prolific Author and Founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

-- The most innovative work now happening

“Patricia is doing some of the most innovative work now happening at the leading edge of human evolution. I’m aware of spiritual teachers who are intuiting and talking about the emergence of this ‘Higher We’ but I’m not aware of anyone who is as articulate and well-practiced in bringing people into these fields of shared consciousness as she is.”

Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan,
CEO and Founder of the Shift Network

-- Extraordinary moments of connection

“What a powerful and simple way to come together! I’m living extraordinary moments of connection with the Mutual Awakening Practice. Things are powerfully opening up, leading me to unexpected and unknown places of intimacy and connection. I feel tectonic plates are shifting in my personality revealing the next era of Being.”

Martin Rutte

Martin Rutte,
Co-author of the New York Times Business Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work & Founder of Project Heaven On Earth

-- Fresh, compelling, and above all hopeful.

“Patricia's vision is fresh, compelling, and above all hopeful. Her work holds the potent and powerful promise of moving us to the next level of our individual and collective awakening. Because of the path her work is forging, I predict that one day soon, we will find ourselves walking down the street, driving in our cars, or sitting on a subway, profoundly related to and organically connected to those around us, whether we know them personally or not. For when enough of us are awake in this way, we then will know how to solve our many unsolvable problems and co-create a world that we will feel proud to pass on to future generations."

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine Woodward Thomas,
New York Times Bestselling Author, Marriage and Family Therapist
and Inspirational Speaker

About Patricia Albere
In the world of spiritual enlightenment, people who have experienced awakenings almost always experience them individually – eyes shut, in quiet solitude. The spiritual paradigm of the last three thousand years has been singularly devoted to our individual salvation or solo enlightenment. Patricia Albere, uniquely experienced a sustained awakening that resulted in a different kind of realization, a dual realization that happened with another. That shared awakening points to a new dimension of consciousness and an extraordinary possibility for humanity’s future. The consciousness mirrors the discoveries of quantum physics, and some have called this mutual awakening or unilocal realization. Patricia is perfectly positioned to bring forth the transmission, practices and perspectives that will allow us to awaken into shared unity together. Her work creates a powerful and palpable field of shared consciousness and love that reveals previously unimagined human potentials that can move humanity far beyond the limits of personal growth or self-development and into mutual awakening.