Pulling Together

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 “At present, people create barriers between each other by their fragmentary thought. Each one operates separately. When these barriers have dissolved, then there arises one mind, where they are all one unit, but each person also retains his or her own individual awareness. That one mind will still exist even when they separate, and when they come together, it will be as if they hadn’t separated. It’s actually a single intelligence that works with people who are moving in relationship with one another. . . . If you had a number of people who really pulled together and worked together in this way, it would be remarkable. They would stand out so much that everyone would know they were different.”    ~David Bohm (physicist, philosopher, & mystic)

As this holiday season approaches, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude to the immanent and transcendent Divine force that has blessed my life with over 100 people who are willing to pull together and enter into the experiment of living from unity and from the intensity of what is emerging through our open, collective field.

More than ever, it feels crucial to give ourselves to meeting core to core, from the deepest place of love. From our conscious interconnectedness we can hold together in the face of the vivid divisiveness and chaos we are witnessing as we approach 2017.

I’m more grateful than ever for the deep, living solidarity we share every day. It gives me hope for what is possible for humanity.

My love to all who long to embody love more fully in this world.


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Patricia Albere is at ground zero of an evolutionary stream of spiritual awakening. She is the founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and author.