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Each Spring, I send out a communication about where we are and what the year promises. Like a State of the Union address, this “State of the Unity” shares what’s developing in our explorations of this consciousness and the forms it’s taking.

When the work of the Evolutionary Collective emerged nine years ago, before there was much of a conversation about “the higher we” or what it might mean to work “post-personally”, it was clear that the core of its expression was emergence itself. I knew that it was crucial to honor the subtle consciousness that was just beginning to flirt with those of us who had come together to embody this new dimension of unity. We intuitively knew that we needed to listen ever so closely and say YES. I can report that the expansion and acceleration continues as we worship on the threshold of the cosmic wormhole of the future of love.

My commitment this year is to create more connectivity within our global tribe. Every time I turn on CNN and see the various forms of divisiveness and separation that are painfully playing themselves out, I feel the urgency of the evolutionary impulse wanting us to awaken together and create new grooves in consciousness that are rooted in unity, intelligence and love.

The two Evolutionary Collective Core Hubs (currently based in the Bay Area and New York) have grown 100% in this past year and we have a large First Year group that is now participating with them. New people are joining from Tokyo to London, Hawaii to Florida, and everywhere in between. For years, we have been receiving requests from all over the Midwest to start an Evolutionary Collective Hub there. Phillip Moore from Michigan (a participant in the NY EC) and the Catholic Sisters who run the Christine Center in Wisconsin are partnering to launch the first Midwest Evolutionary Collective in 2017.

Before I became pregnant with my son, Alex, I could feel his soul hovering and waiting for me to be ready for him. I have a similar feeling with those of you who are gathering to create this work in the Midwest.  We’re already connected.  It will be exciting to meet you.



Please send me an email if you are interested in finding out what is happening in
the Midwest: In the fall and winter, we will also be having 3-day intensives in Long Beach, CA; Seattle, WA; Michigan; Wisconsin; and possibly some new cities on the East Coast.


New language is always needed for emergence. We are still in the process of discovering the right language for different elements of this work. I do my best, but new language for the emerging realities we are exploring doesn’t always come right away. Emergence needs us to jump in and allow the elements to show themselves as we work inside the new reality.

I have just formed the very first Teacher Training to facilitate not only teaching this work, but also to form a “Teacher Body” from which to teach. “Teacher” isn’t exactly the right word for working post-personally in the intersubjective field – but we’ll keep you posted as the accurate naming comes through.

Teaching from a causal level, understanding how to create a conducive environment for 5th order consciousness, and  many other demands that areiStock_000002140255_Medium.jpg unique to the Evolutionary Collective and  mutual awakening will be elements of focus. We will be  focusing on the  formation of a “teacher body” so that when people  facilitate this work,  they teach from  unity and the power of the whole.  This is entirely  different than learning content and techniques  and then using them in the  world as an individual teacher. It’s different from transmission. I will share  more about these distinctions on the free calls and longer retreats and courses I’ll be doing, so stay tuned.

This year there will be more opportunities to build our connection together virtually. I will do a series of free virtual events designed for our community and also appropriate for you to share with your friends. Topics will depend on what is emerging – I want to use the calls to share our most current discoveries. Our next free event, Structures of Consciousness, will be on May 25th.

You can find out more and register here.

In August, we will start hosting the 4 PILLARS OF AWAKENED MUTUALITY: Portal to Shared Unity. This series of 3 hour virtual retreats is scheduled every 3 months on Saturdays so that those of you who live in other parts of the world can participate. There will be ways to join with others in your community and over the internet to create an ongoing deepening of the practice of mutual awakening.

Personally, I am experiencing what in the Christian tradition is called kenosis, which also means emptiness in Greek. It’s been happening for a long time, but there has been a quickening of the sense of being erased. It is amplified by the collective process that we are in together in the EC. The deeper orchestration of evolution requires that we become entirely receptive as we are moved uniquely.


There are higher states of consciousness that only arise as we dissolve. Somehow, in the practice of mutual awakening and a deep commitment to one another, the development is happening – not only very rapidly, but somehow less painfully.  Being together inside a matrix of ever deepening love both intensifies what is possible, but also holds us in the living unity that we share.

Thank you for being inside this consciousness and this conversation. I truly value our having found each other and being ultrasensitive to what is coming through to be known and lived by us.

In (r)Evolutionary Love,


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