Debbie delaCuesta

Debbie delaCuesta

In Teacher by Sophie

Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher

Coach and psychotherapist


ph: 714-402-5852

Debbie delaCuesta, LCSW BCC is an Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher. She works with individuals, groups and couples in the process, invitation and challenge of transformation. Her commitment to a supportive and dynamic coaching relationship allows for a deepening of capacity and transformation of personal obstacles. The power of this post-personal work facilitates and supports the awakening to the new paradigm of We Consciousness.

Her work as a developmental coach and psychotherapist is informed by her training and experience in Transpersonal psychology, the stages of Adult Development, Polarity Wisdom and Spiritual Intelligence. Also infused throughout her work are the teachings and experience as a student of Mysticism, including Patricia Albere’s Mutual Awakening Practice and the Evolutionary Collective, as well as the Wisdom School teachings of Cynthia Bourgeault, Richard Rohr, and Kashmir Shaivism. She is excited and honored to be in service to those who are called to this emerging new paradigm of consciousness.