Evolutionary Collective Core

Teachers and Faculty

Welcome to the Evolutionary Collective Teacher Body Core

We have been trained and empowered by Patricia Albere to teach the Mutual Awakening Practice, the Eight Activating Principles of Mutual Awakening as well as Evolutionary Relating. We are also discovering ways to work one-on-one using practices that are emerging from this new paradigm of interrelatedness and communion. We teach and work from within this paradigm by being in, with, and for our individuals and groups thus making visible the Shared-Consciousness. In doing this we have discovered that we are igniting change within ourselves and others that we had not imagined possible.

Debbie delaCuesta

LCSW BCC is an Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher

Website: raisingconsciousnessnow.com
Email: Deboramdelacuestalcsw@gmail.com
Phone: 714-402-5852

Genét Simone

Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher and Educational Consultant
Seattle, WA / Bay Area, CA

Website: genetsimone.com
Email: genetsimone@gmail.com
Phone: 206.769.5807

Keren Clark

Licensed Psychotherapist, a Mutual Awakening Teacher and a certified Transformational Coach

Website: kerenclark.com
Email: keren@evolutionarycollective.com
Phone: 928-830-6306

Patricia Larish

Certified Integral Coach, Chaplain, Mutual Awakening Teacher

Web: patricialarish.com
Email: plarish@comcast.net
Phone: 717-940-4714

Toni Monsey

Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher, Developmental Psychologist, certified Spiritual Director and Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and the founder of the Heart of Advocacy

Website: www.tonimonsey.com
Email: toni@evolutionarycollective. com
Facebook: Awake and Evolve