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Welcome to the Evolutionary Collective Teacher Body Core

We have been trained and empowered by Patricia Albere to teach the Mutual Awakening Practice, the Eight Activating Principles of Mutual Awakening as well as Evolutionary Relating. We are also discovering ways to work one-on-one using practices that are emerging from this new paradigm of interrelatedness and communion. We teach and work from within this paradigm by being in, with, and for our individuals and groups thus making visible the Shared-Consciousness. In doing this we have discovered that we are igniting change within ourselves and others that we had not imagined possible.

Debbie delaCuesta

LCSW BCC is an Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher

Website: raisingconsciousnessnow.com
Email: Deboramdelacuestalcsw@gmail.com
Phone: 714-402-5852

Debbie delaCuesta, LCSW BCC is an Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher. She works with individuals, groups and couples in the process, invitation and challenge of transformation. Her commitment to a supportive and dynamic coaching relationship allows for a deepening of capacity and transformation of personal obstacles. The power of this post-personal work facilitates and supports the awakening to the new paradigm of We Consciousness.

Her work as a developmental coach and psychotherapist is informed by her training and experience in Transpersonal psychology, the stages of Adult Development, Polarity Wisdom and Spiritual Intelligence. Also infused throughout her work are the teachings and experience as a student of Mysticism, including Patricia Albere’s Mutual Awakening Practice and the Evolutionary Collective, as well as the Wisdom School teachings of Cynthia Bourgeault, Richard Rohr, and Kashmir Shaivism. She is excited and honored to be in service to those who are called to this emerging new paradigm of consciousness.

Genét Simone

Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher and Educational Consultant
Seattle, WA / Bay Area, CA

Website: genetsimone.com
Email: genetsimone@gmail.com
Phone: 206.769.5807

Genét Simone, Ph.D is a Core Teacher in the Evolutionary Collective, and has been a teacher educator for over 20 years at major universities in Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington.

She is a trusted advisor for teachers, school leaders, district administrators, college and university faculty, as well as for graduate students completing a master’s degree or doctorate. Genét has developed a consulting approach that includes a unique blend of cognitive understanding, contemplative practices, and Mutual Awakening Practice (™) ~ all of which move clients into higher levels of confidence and competence so they can live to their full potential.

Keren Clark

Licensed Psychotherapist, a Mutual Awakening Teacher and a certified Transformational Coach

Website: kerenclark.com
Email: keren@evolutionarycollective.com
Phone: 928-830-6306

Keren Clark, MA is a licensed Psychotherapist, a Mutual Awakening Teacher and a certified Transformational Coach who brings enormous training and finely tuned intuition to helping her clients make dramatic shifts in their relationships and in their lives. When working with people Keren weaves together the powerful work of Mutual Awakening, the principles and practices of Feminine Power and Conscious Uncoupling and the emotional development model of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to guide her clients in liberating themselves from past patterns and in moving beyond their issues. Keren has been in practice for over 30 years.

Patricia Larish

Certified Integral Coach, Chaplain, Mutual Awakening Teacher

Web: patricialarish.com
Email: plarish@comcast.net
Phone: 717-940-4714

Patricia Larish, MA, is a certified Integral Coach, Chaplain, and Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher. During sessions grounded in deep trust and safety, clients will explore and engage with past patterns, deep-rooted beliefs, and old wounds in order to discover their deepest expression of wholeness in all aspects of their lives. In her work she integrates the practices of Mutual Awakening with her years of spiritual practice and training, which includes Clinical Pastoral Education and Richard Rohr’s Living School, to guide clients towards their fullest potential and possibility.

Toni Monsey

Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher, Developmental Psychologist, certified Spiritual Director and Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and the founder of the Heart of Advocacy

Website: www.tonimonsey.com
Email: toni@evolutionarycollective. com
Facebook: Awake and Evolve

Toni Monsey, Ph.D is an Evolutionary Collective Core Teacher. She works with individuals and groups to ignite their awakening and growth processes using the emerging practices of Mutual Awakening and Evolutionary Relating that are being developed through the work of the Evolutionary Collective. Clients are supported to actively engage the evolutionary impulse within themselves in order to free themselves from old wounds, habitual patterns, and to access their untapped creative potential thereby discovering deeper meaning and higher purpose in their personal and collective lives. She is a Developmental Psychologist, certified Spiritual Director and Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and the founder of the Heart of Advocacy, the call to be in, with, and for one another in ways that end the cycle of relational abuse and violence.