“Your Whole Being Becomes a Thanksgiving”

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As many of us move into our American tradition of Thanksgiving, may we take the time to move into a deep intimacy with something greater and deeper – may we uncover the truth of our unity.  Especially now, may we remind each other of our love and desire to have a world that works for everyone….

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…    With love, Patricia

Gratitude arises whenever you start feeling God’s presence around you; then only gratitude is left.

Then your whole energy becomes gratitude, then your whole being becomes a thanksgiving, it becomes a prayer — because nothing is missing, and the world is so perfect, and everything is as it should be.

Gratitude is natural.

Gratitude is not something that can be practiced.

You have been taught to be grateful; you cannot be.

Gratefulness is a consequence: when you feel God close by, gratitude arises.

It is a by-product. Respect arises. This respect is not something that you manage, it is something beyond you.

You have been taught to be grateful to your parents, taught to be grateful to your teachers, taught to be grateful to your elders, but those are all just conditionings.

When real gratitude arises, then you see what a tremendous difference there is. The gratitude that was taught was just a concept, a dead ritual. You were following it like a mechanism.

When the real gratitude upsurges in your being, you feel for the first time what prayer is, what love is.


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  1. Beautiful! Gratitude arises when becomes aware there is another way and feeling that sense of freedom that goes with it. This other way is very much living in and from Love.
    Thank you for the blog and wish you and Alex a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks for this! Feeling the gratitude and love close by. This year has been an awesome year of growth and discovery. Truth will continue to emerge. I am very thankful for that. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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