The Next Buddha Will Be a Sangha..

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The only Tibetan thangka that I own is one of Maitreya – the future Buddha.  The basis of Kalachakra Tantra is the notion of an enlightened society.  Vidyadhara said that Maitreya, the future Buddha, would not be an individual, but a society.

Thich Nhat Hanh did a calligraphy that says in English:  THE NEXT BUDDHA WILL BE A SANGHA.

Sri Aurobindo said that, “In the actual state of humanity, it is the individual who must climb to this height as a pioneer and precursor. But if a collectivity or group could be formed of those who had reached the supramental perfection, there indeed some divine creation could take shape; a new earth could descend that would be a new heaven, a world of supramental light could be created here amidst the receding darkness of this terrestrial ignorance.”

For the past 10 years, there has been something growing at my core, poking its nose out – searching for something. As I sense into it – it feels like a deep, but strange kind of sensing organ – so very sensitive, attuned, precise and yet relentlessly pushing with strength and passion for something it doesn’t know but knows when it is found or some part of it is revealed.

This aspect of myself (if you want to call it that) is somehow the driver of my life. At times, it’s more quiet and content, like a small child in the back of the station wagon after a pit stop, eating a mars bar, but not for long. The curiosity and inability or desire to compromise is steadfast and unquestionable.

This mysterious compulsion to evolve, the optimizing force of the soul exists and moves through us, as us, both personally and in the greater unfolding of existence. Our ego is a kind of speed bump to the power and velocity in which it’s possible to evolve and change.

The urge, compulsion and desire to awaken, live and express our selves is always there – under the surface of our habits and focus on survival.

To be close to this impulse, to lean into it with tenderness and profound love  is like being close to the ‘Beloved’ for me. I don’t want to miss and be left going down a path without “Him”. To stay close is imperative. If I take a wrong turn, am distracted or lazy or fascinated by something and stop listening to that which is at the core – I end up feeling lost, dissatisfied and displaced. I’ve noticed with clients that I work with – that success, fame and wealth are no buffer for this kind of feeling lost and dissatisfied. If we are not close to our true life, where this mysterious compulsion to evolve exists, nothing will suffice.

At times, I don’t know where I am going or why. My feelings can seem strange and I don’t always understand why I’m not perfectly happy with my life, love or work as it is. When the “divine discontent” emerges I now know “He’s” flirting with me once more – inviting me to something new and a chance to grow ever closer to what I love and why I am here.

There are many things to discuss as to why we can’t hear, see or feel the urge to evolve or why we don’t want to, and what the veils of ignorance are all about.

But suffice it to say, that it’s easy to recognize those radiant, courageous, inspiring human beings that live close to this powerful impulse. They and their lives move quickly. When we are surrendered to this impulse we can sometimes have the sense of one’s life dissolving and a new forms of life arising, non-continuous and appearing miraculously in full manifestation. Other times there is a wonderful kind of chaos as all is rearranged and transformed.

Other people live more in slow motion. If you try to move or inspire them, their normalcy and stability reveal the stubborn, speed bump that their fixed sense of identity has become. Their way of being makes them impervious to the impulse and prevents it from optimizing their lives.

So… as I said earlier, I have been feeling a new awareness – a new discontent – that has been specific.

Ten years ago, the edge took me to a place as a spiritual teacher and student, where I knew that another course, retreat, teaching, training or certificiation program was just not it.

The spiritual edge that began in America in the late 60’s was exciting and brought forth so much change and growth for so many millions of people, and continues to do so. There was a time when I would never have said that I was a spiritual teacher – it would have been easier and more accepted to say I was a “consultant” – but now there are millions of people exploring alternative knowledge, meditation, yoga and various teachings.  If anything, it’s now in vogue to be a teacher.

The next edge has something to do with a new paradigm – our collective consciousness and a higher order of relating which is different than all the experiments with communes and groups of people surrounding teachers, gurus or famous spiritual leaders. It has to do with coming together at a higher level and creating a ‘new being’ through our love and connectedness. As we practice together, focus on something larger than our own individual lives, we form new pathways like neurons between us that allow something larger to be created. That larger ‘Being’ is a new entity with greater capacities, consciousness and seems to activate our greatest potentials. This edge is just starting, we have glimpses of what is possible that are answering our deepest intuition.

We become ‘Maitreya’ – the enlightened Being that is made of the many as the One.

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Symptoms of being ready for this edge…

Do You feel uninspired about taking new courses but aren’t sure why?

Are you are bored with individual process, practices and transformation?

Do You want to powerfully contribute to life and aren’t sure how to plug in to maximize the connection between you and Existence?

Is your ability to create your individual life great but you find yourself longing for something more?

Do You End Up Spending A Lot Of Time Alone because The Standard Ways Of Being Related Are Unsatisfying?

Do you want to be with others Who are inspiring and on the Edge of what is next?

Does your intuition tell you that maybe It isn’t necessary that we are all completely enlightened in order to come together and create what existence wants next :)  ?

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  1. A huge big Yes to all of your beautiful questions. Thank you so much Patricia for the love that you are. This piece takes the edge off that loneliness you so eloquently describe.

  2. Dear,very relevant questions for the living on the edge to Come Together n Create for Consciusness to evolve through Us! Thanks Patricia for inspiring work n inviting others to engage with It! With love n joy !

  3. Thank you, The last 2 days I have sensed a huge confusion of what to do. I have been evolving most of my life and recently( the last 2 years) its been pretty intense. The last 2 days i have felt a disconnection within my family, that is leaving me confused. They don’t hear me, understand me or share with me any of this. I started reading this post of yours, and was blown away, it is exactly where i am. I read post after post of inspiring messages and this one felt like it was specifically just for me on a deeply personal level I am sooo ready !!!. Thanks again

  4. This is a ‘goosebumps’ article. Thank you. We touched into the idea of sangha as the next buddha last night on the course call. This feels so exciting, true and what the evolutionary impulse wants. This is not just a concept, this is real!

  5. This is perfect, Patricia. In a practice session last night one of us brought up avatars from the past and the realization came to me that we are the avatars (avatar?). When I was a student of Andrew Cohen I had profound experiences of transmission almost every time I was in his presence. I admit that I occasionally long for that deep emotional experience but I know that I cannot go back to that type of relationship, a guru relationship. Your article beautifully articulates many of my feelings and questions and helps me relax with my inner process. I am grateful to be on the edge with you, Jeff, and fellow course participants. I am grateful that you both that you are teaching us to depend on ourselves and one another rather than depend on you. And yet, we are all dependent on one another as we move closer to The Edge.

  6. Author

    Thank you Jean – yes – it’s the time of coming together and allowing the greater Being – be what moves and enlightens..

  7. I posted this article on my fb page and it’s getting a lot of “Likes”, confirming that more and more of us are experiencing that longing…..for depth and communion.

  8. I enjoyed your exploratory sharing of “news of difference” you are discerning in your perception of collective affinities. Thankyou. The spirit of Thomas Berry and the Great Work he heralded has many modern mansions. I have a book of “Exploring Wild Law” (Edited by Peter Burdon, Auckland University) dedicated to him. I have some reservations about
    Here in Aotearoa New Zealand as a Pakeha (Anglo New Zealander) I was introduced in 1979 to the world of (modern) Maori culture as lived at Parihaka (famous for the prophet of nonviolence in the 1870s, Te Whiti o Rongomai) and on the streets of Auckland. I took this collectivism and aroha with me when I backpacked around the USA in 1980, ending up at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies Summer School in New Lebanon,NY in 1980. It was a spiritual supermarket with a new age ethos, but I noticed the collective element (and the language of mutuality) was missing in the world view, which was it seemed to me as individualist as American apple pie. I think the veil fell from my eyes and I knew that we had something here that appeared to be missing there (with notable exceptions – Southern hospitality, and the old Hopi lady on Walpi Mesa who gave some blue cornbread for our journey). To see some modern movies of indigenous genius and struggles, come to the next film festival here in my village of Otaki (NZ). The tendency of “Social Darwinism” in the concept of a mystified “evolved higher or more unitary consciousness” has pitfalls, as you’d be aware…

  9. For peace and collective spirituality in america we must learn to live with islamic freinds. For this, we must learn to use a joint luni-solar calendar for long term peace with them.

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