Why Reverence & Humility Are Essential

In shared unity, humility, reverence, and surrender are essential. Otherwise, your capacity to be transformed by what Patricia Albere calls the second threshold of shared unity and beyond isn’t possible. 

Once a year, Patricia has the privilege of taking a small group of committed people dedicated to exploring the deeper dimensions of shared unity into the Third Threshold of Unity. The living reality of shared unity and the evolutionary potential it presents can only be known when we come together in a specific way. It takes time, commitment, and focus. Most importantly, it takes reverence, humility, surrender, and love. 

A wonderful group of people are gathering for our upcoming Thresholds of Unity Advanced Course.  We’re excited to have an intensive period of time together to go where it’s possible and begin to inhabit a new way of being.

This Advanced Course is open to anyone who is trained in the Mutual Awakening Practice.

Will you join us?

Note: If you aren’t currently an Evolutionary Collective Global Member, you’ll need to activate your membership along with your retreat registration.

We will not be offering another Thresholds of Unity Advanced Course for almost a year. If you have felt the stirrings to attend, we encourage you to register now and join us.

This year’s 2024 Thresholds of Unity Advance Course is a pre-requisite for the Living Body of Unity Incubator and eventual entry into the Core.


Special Early Registration Package

When you register by Monday, June 3rd at 11:59 pm PT, you’ll receive a special Early Registration Package Beyond Instinctual Intelligence Audio Series (valued at $147). 

It includes three talks Patricia gave previously only available to our Evolutionary Collective Global members.


This almost two hours of audio illuminates the instincts we rely on as individual humans and the new instinctual drive possible within shared unity and beyond that Patricia briefly spoke about with Cornelia recently. It’s a wonderful series to immerse yourself in before the Thresholds of Unity Advanced Course. 

You’ll have immediate access to this series when you register by Monday, June 3rd.

**Remember that if you aren’t currently an Evolutionary Collective Global Member, you’ll need to activate your membership along with your retreat registration.**

If you have any questions about the Advanced Course, please get in touch with Carolyne Mathlin at She is the Evolutionary Collective Executive Director and a Mutual Awakening Teacher. She will be happy to help you further.