What is an Evolutionary Relationship? A Virtual Dialogue between Patricia Albere and Katherine Woodward Thomas

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There’s a lot of good advice available today on how to improve your relationships. There are countless books, courses, speakers offering very valuable perspectives on how to improve the bonds in our work and professional lives and how to become better at relating.

But few are exploring what relationships look like from a perspective of non-separation. . . where those who are in a relationship are coming from a place of fundamental unity with each other and the cosmos. What do relationships look like from that profound vantage point? And what new possibilities are available within this heightened field of mutually experienced oneness?

This is the premise of Patricia Albere’s new book, Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening, and in this special video dialogue, she explores the possibilities held in this new dimension of relatedness with fellow relationships pioneer and NY Times Bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas (who wrote the Foreword to the book).

In her Foreword to Evolutionary Relationships, Katherine writes:

“Those of us on a spiritual path speak of Oneness as the goal for humanity, yet few offer an actual pedagogy for how we might get there. This is where Patricia comes in. She is a master teacher in this new paradigm of relatedness that will allow us to enter the promised land. What makes her teachings so extraordinary is that they are a unique combination of both theory and practice. So many great ideas about where our consciousness needs to go from here are philosophical in nature. Yet Patricia’s methods are a means by which we can actually awaken to Oneness through Evolutionary Relationships — the first stage of the “WEvolution” that we are yearning for.”

In this unique dialogue between two spiritual luminaries, you’ll have the chance to experience this profound sense of mutually experienced Oneness with them. In doing so, you’ll get a glimpse of a completely new paradigm for relating to others, and discover the potential it has to transform yourself and the world:


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