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A free e-Course integrating the teachings from Patricia Albere's best-selling book Evolutionary Relationships and practices designed to deepen relatedness and connection.

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Begin your journey in Mutual Awakening and discover the consciousness of shared unity through the FREE Introduction to Mutual Awakening e-Course.


Unquestionably, our world is in crisis.

By the dim glow of our cell phones, we have the ability to connect to world-leaders through social media, current weather patterns in the most remote parts of the planet and access to enough research data to write a dissertation on the topic of our choosing.

Yet, in spite of our ability to connect to anyone, anywhere at anytime. . .

We experience a sense of disconnection; a pervasive aloneness that causes us to wonder if this is all there is?

Even if we have developed a rich inner life through meditation and other means of personal development, we are still isolated in our subjective world. We long to be met deeply and know that something more is possible between us.

Humanity by and large is currently collectively unconscious and unaware. The increasing violence, suffering and darkness we’re witnessing world-wide is a direct result of our collective experience of separateness.

Yet, the truth of our divine design is that we’re interdependent beings that reach our full potential if and when we turn towards each other. The most highly evolved parts of the human brain and nervous system are wired for relatedness and engagement. And that’s what we actually need to tap into and cultivate in order for us all to move to the next phase of our evolution.

To start this evolutionary journey, we’ve developed the Introduction to Mutual Awakening e-Course that includes:
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Part One of Patricia Albere’s best-selling book, Evolutionary Relationships including:
  • Prologue: The Longing
  • Chapter One: What is an Evolutionary Relationship
  • Chapter Two: Awakening to the We
  • Chapter Three: Practicing Mutual Awakening

Plus, specially designed additional materials and exercises that will help to deepen and integrate this new perspective and consciousness.

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5-Module Introduction to Mutual Awakening: Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness e-Course

  • Module #3: CREATIVE UNION
  • Module #5: BEYOND ME TO WE
These materials were carefully designed to:
  • Define Mutual Awakening and its power to enhance your alignment with your highest purpose, sense of connection and belonging in the world.
  • Illustrate how Mutual Awakening can catalyze your full potential, the full potential of others and of the world.
  • Uncover how Mutual Awakening is the ‘meditation’ designed to be done with your eyes open and in connection with others and why it’s essential to tap into this life-force regularly.
  • Provide next-steps on how to have a direct experience of Mutual Awakening with Patricia Albere and the Evolutionary Collective community.

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Begin your journey in Mutual Awakening and discover the consciousness of shared unity through the Introduction to Mutual Awakening e-Course.