What is the
Evolutionary Collective?
The Evolutionary Collective is a global community of committed innovators, pioneers and WEvolutionaries exploring the highest potentials for human consciousness, culture and spiritual development through mutual awakening.
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Our time of being solo spiritual practitioners is coming to an end. Self-reflective, individual self-concern is giving way to an awareness that is more fluid and interpenetrating—one that is simultaneously aware of self and other. An awareness that gives us direct access to quantum consciousness, where we exist in the domain of oneness, the unified field, the realm of multidimensional potentials and possibilities.

Unlike our solo journey of transformation and enlightenment, we cannot do this work alone. This future will only emerge from the space between us as we awaken together into a sustained consciousness of unity.

Since 2007, the Evolutionary Collective, guided by mystical visionary and founder Patricia Albere, has been working toward direct and sustained contact with a new kind of spiritual awakening. Some call it unilocal realization. Others call it shared unity. We call it mutual awakening.

A powerful and continuous stream of practices, perspectives and higher forms of love and consciousness are coming through the work we are doing together. We have discovered ways to enter into a profound sense of intimacy with ourselves and all of existence—a direct and inexplicably vast knowing that ignites a kind of love that burns away all manner of separation.

This is the love we have all been longing for. It is the kind of love the world desperately needs right now. It is the locus of a new paradigm of human relatedness. The future is emerging from this higher we-space.

The Evolutionary Collective exists to gather together those of us who are ready to reach new potentials for being human and to participate in the emergence of a new world – a world based not on divisiveness and hyper-individuation, but on unity, caring, love and cooperation.

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