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Haven’t Got Time for the Pain…….

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While driving across the Richmond Bridge from Berkeley to Marin County in California I had a random 70’s song list playing on iTunes.  (I know… I can hear my DJ son rolling his eyes).  Anyway, Carly Simon came on singing an old favorite… ‘Cause I haven’t got time for the pain I haven’t got room for the pain I haven’t …

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As a kid born in 1950’s, I had strange tastes in entertainment. As a very young child I much preferred Liberace with all his glitter, sparkle and classical music to the soothing, simplicity of dear Mr. Rogers. When I imagined what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was Shirley Temple with her charm and chutzpah. She could …

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My sweet crushed angel

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For all of us, who, with sincere and imperfect hearts, relentlessly throw ourselves on God’s doorstep – for one more dance… My Sweet, Crushed Angel by Hafiz You have not danced so badly, my dear, Trying to hold hands with the Beautiful One. You have waltzed with great style, My sweet, crushed angel, To have ever neared God’s Heart at …