The future,
the leading edge of evolution,
is being born through the space between us.

There is a new world of relatedness waiting.

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Isn't it time we turn toward each other to activate our highest potentials?

Discover the power of creating conscious and sustained connection.

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From Me To We
Isn't it time we turn toward each other to activate our highest potentials?
Discover the power of creating conscious and sustained connection.
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  • Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events
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    [FREE] Beyond Me to We:
    Activating Our Highest Potentials Through Mutual Awakening

    Recording Available

    We want to introduce you to an emergent, leading-edge spiritual practice called Mutual Awakening that actually supports our human need to connect with each other that's done together, speaking and with our eyes wide open.

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    Mutual Awakening:
    The Essential Guide to WE-Space Meditation
    Saturdays, February 22nd - March 14th
    9 - 10:30 am Pacific Time / noon - 1:30 pm Eastern Time
    Online Course
    Via Zoom Video Conferencing
    A 5-module, online, guided journey that will fully empower anyone to enter into new dimensions of relating and expanding consciousness together with masterful teacher, Patricia Albere.
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    [FREE] Thresholds of Unity: Explore the Radical Potentials Beyond Personal Transformation

    Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 (rescheduled from Sunday, October 27th)

    10:30 am PT / 1:30 pm ET / 7:30 pm CET (Europeans - note new time due to U.S. time change)

    Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

    4:30 to 5:45 pm PT / 7:30 to 8:45 pm ET
    Online Workshop

    Thresholds of Unity presents the possibility of coming from wholeness, from belonging, from a source that is now available for those who enter a shared journey.  Instead of searching for wholeness, trying to find oneself, we experience coming from a larger and deeper dimension that gives rise to powerful potentials for us all. We will explore together not only the four thresholds, but how to reliably cross them and live from the higher stages of unity available, now.

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    [FREE] An Evening of Unity (Berkeley, CA.)
    An Exclusive Invitation to Join in Collective Consciousness
    Saturday, May 16th, 2020
    5:00pm - 7:00pm
    Free Live Event
    The David Brower Center 2150 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94704

    The most highly evolved parts of the human brain and nervous system are wired for relatedness and engagement. And that’s what we actually need to tap into and cultivate in order for us all to move to the next phase of our evolution.

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What Others Are Saying About Patricia and The Evolutionary Collective

-- Patricia Albere is opening the evolutionary doorway to the next stage of human evolution.

Her Mutual Awakening Practice enables us to embody and to connect…until we form a new whole being. This work goes beyond cultivating We Space to demonstrating ‘Whole Space.’ The frequencies generated by a large group doing Mutual Awakening Practices are an evolutionary consciousness breakthrough… The Mutual Awakening Practice is, I believe, a vital evolutionary necessity for the quantum jump that is imminent when we humans are connected as a whole at the proper scale.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

-- Patricia’s vision is fresh, compelling, and above all hopeful.

Her work holds the potent and powerful promise of moving us to the next level of our individual and collective awakening. Because of the path her work is forging, I predict that one day soon, we will find ourselves walking down the street, driving in our cars, or sitting on a subway, profoundly related to and organically connected to those around us, whether we know them personally or not. For when enough of us are awake in this way, we then will know how to solve our many unsolvable problems and co-create a world that we will feel proud to pass on to future generations."

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine Woodward Thomas

New York Times Bestselling Author, Marriage and Family Therapist and Inspirational Speaker

-- Patricia is doing some of the most innovative work now happening at the leading edge of human evolution.

I’m aware of spiritual teachers who are intuiting and talking about the emergence of this ‘Higher We’ but I’m not aware of anyone who is as articulate and well-practiced in bringing people into these fields of shared consciousness as she is.

Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan

CEO and Founder of the Shift Network

-- What a powerful and simple way to come together!

I’m living extraordinary moments of connection with the Mutual Awakening Practice. Things are powerfully opening up, leading me to unexpected and unknown places of intimacy and connection. I feel tectonic plates are shifting in my personality revealing the next era of Being."

Martin Rutte

Martin Rutte

Co-author of the New York Times Business Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work & Founder of Project Heaven On Earth