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  1. Hola Patricia

    Hola & namaste

    My name is Cris Rieder, writing to you from Playa Barrigona, the most amazing pristine beach near Samara, Costa Rica.

    I have moved here from Europe 3 months ago following an inner calling & a vision that i would love to share with you if you give me a little of your time.

    As a person i consider myself a Global Citizen with a long history of involvement with Intentional Communities that are based on the Unity Impulse. Places like Auroville/India, Findhorn Community/Scotland Tamera/Portugal, “my own” 10 year experiment in group consciousness named Sonnenhof Community in Austria and the founding and facilitating of a “Tribe” of young people in Prague/Czech Republic.

    I am a counsellor, Teacher of Consciousness & also have some other hats that i can put on if needed ; D
    But the Next Level, The Still-Unknown, the emerging field of the All-New, The Christ Consciousness … That is what my heart & life is all about.

    In December of 2012 – out of the blue of a happy, full life – i dropped into the “Dark Night of the Soul”, a 3 year period of deep clinical depression, that took everything from me that i had previously identified with and also everything on the material level.

    Equally un-expected & surprising was my re-appearence in Dec. 2015, when i “resurrected : D” and re-integrated on much higher level than before into a new & much more complex/simple and whole context of integrity.

    Shortly after that i noticed a clear & gentle inner voice calling me to move to Costa Rica. And i wrote down a vision of what i may do there (The wePod Community – the text is attached here)

    This has also been a time where i got inspired to reach out to three organisations that i felt in resonate with in the context of Unity Consciousness.
    Offering my professional skill set (of WebDesign).

    One of those projects has been your Evolutionary Collective – which i felt very relevant & personally attractive – but obviously it has not been the right time, the right moment, since no answer cam back.

    So i ended up”working as a volunteer for Humanity’s Team, mainly collaborating with John Thomas / Conscious Business Initiative. Mainly connecting him / HT to relevant people in large Intentional Communities & also organisations that try to support young and exceptional people to “get their life on line” outside or at the edges of present society/paradigm.

    Out of those activities of networking, node-building a new & very inspiring project is presently emerging. I am calling it “The people of tomorrow are playing now – the Future is already amongst us”

    The project will be about the Indigo people (young adults who carry the DNA of breaking open encrusted structures & the new waves of young children that some call Crystal and Rainbow Children, who ar born with Soul Signatures of Unity already manifested in their DNA.

    I have had the great privilege to meet a few of those great should & work as a counsellor with the parents to help them integrate this New Reality into their everyday life & their respective society.

    Parallel to that the new Humanity’s Team Program will be a co-operation with existing intentional Communities & Unity-oriented Eco Villages that could serve as way stations & places of mutual learning for the new “old” souls and the older generations of Lightworkers that are out there, trying their best since many years.

    Very Juicy Perspective!

    Now everything that i hear/read you saying & doing very much resonates with me and represents the aspect of the evolutionary impulse that is rarely touched by all the presently relevant teachers that i am aware of (maybe with he exception of Barbara Marx Hubbard & Thomas Hübl)

    I am talking about the practical and Heart-core ; D entering the the noosphere, the emerging unity field with a somewhat stable group of dedicated & spiritually ready people. And the exploration, research and morphogenetic field that is created as a result of such focus.

    I feel that you / your work would be perfectly fitting in this program that is emerging in the context of the HUmanity’s Team during the next year or so. Young people with old souls would benefit greatly from your wisdom & explorations.

    The aspect that is of deep interest for me personally (in the context of “my own wePod” vision is th theme: what kind of new social structures, ways of relational life will appear/form, when people truly and practically shift from duality based 3D Consciousness into the 5D of Unity that we call HOME.
    How will we live?
    Will we still want to marry one and only one person? ; D
    What about sex?
    Will there be Leaders? Hierarchies?
    Will we need to make money?
    How will we interact/cooperate with the “old world people”?
    … and so on : D

    Do you feel inspired, drawn to such a co-operation?
    If “Yes!” at some point i could arrange a Skype meeting with John Thomas, who is the heart & soul of the HT Conscious Business Initiative & Training Program.
    To map out relevant overlaps of the work & maybe lay foundations for future co-creations.


    Beyond all of that i hope that i will be able at some point to join your work & the Evolutionary Collective Field in some practical ways.

    I am still very new here in Costa Rica & still need to establish a base in terms of financial/existential
    So joining you will probably still have to wait a bit : D

    Anyway – i am happy to know that you are there, doing what you are doing.
    Which is pretty awesome & unique in my eyes.

    Muchos Gracias


    (since i don’t find a email address, i have to send this thru your website contact form)

    The Vision that keeps me going ; D:


    The wePod Community

    This is why i go to where i will go very soon:

    Because the Still Small Voice in my Heart, in the Center of my Field of Awareness has made it clear, that this will be my next step to make, my next thing to do
    And there has never been any question or doubt in my mind that this is why i will do
    And beyond the complete Unknown-ness of this Step, there is the clear picture of the Dream, This Dream that i have since … ever : D

    The wePod
    The PolyFamily
    The Promise of Unity
    lived in everyday reality
    with a few – perhaps 13 – courageous souls
    people who are ready to go into The Deep End
    in their Exploration
    of the Next Level of Comm-Unity

    Boldly shedding all the concepts,
    models & structures,
    and archetypes
    of the past about
    money, food & sex
    about survival, security, family children, education
    about couples
    about love
    about what a family is
    and how a society is structured and build from it all …

    Since there is no Blueprint existing, no real model of 5Dimensional Living,
    we will have to be like the explorers of old:
    putting the Ship into The Unknown Waters,
    put up our Best&Biggest Sail,
    set the Course to Clear West

    and GO!

    Our Compass is clearly set on LOVE,
    Unconditional Love and TRUTH,

    Such clear & aligned course will naturally trigger all individual hangups
    and organically remove & release all residues of fear in each individual member of the Pod

    The way to handle such intensity is to live strictly In The NOW PRESENCE all the time!
    Ready to process anything and anyone at any time

    This process is never an end in itself, but rather a ForPlay, a Preamble for the REAL FUN

    Thru the collective opening of all areas of fear, possessiveness, jealousy, insecurity, dependency, co-dependency, control, delusion and illusion, a collective field appears of RADICAL TRANSPARENCY

    Deep Empathy, Knowing, Support, Accountability, Presence and Dedication to Each Other results NATURALLY

    This is the “we”of the “POD”
    that is paradoxically not different or separate from the “I” of its members

    Everybody is the I, the Eye of the Other ONE

    Empowerment of the Individual in the context of the Group-Unit is another result of this deep ly transformational process

    Self-Realization and Self-Determination follows like the day follows the night

    When all restrictions and rules are released in this dedicated context, deep INTEREST and CURIOSITY in the Other-ness appears

    and EROS, the Playful Exploration of Each Other can begin

    EROS, the Juice of the World is ever present when Sexuality is released from limiting concepts
    and can flow naturally as a current between the people
    lived outwardly in responsive and responsible ways
    or transmuted inwardly or collectively into higher levels of BLISS, UNION & CREATIVITY

    It is the fire at the bottom of it all
    The FIRE needed to burn high and bright
    the fuel to lift the ship up
    from the ground of what is known

    What governs the ship?
    What will prevent the Chaos & Randomness to take over?

    “When Two or More are gathered in My Name, I will be amongst them”
    This was supposedly Jesus speaking, But i feel it was the Christ Consciousness he was referring to,
    the Spirit of Love & Truth, the UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS of the FIFTH DIMENSION,

    In Soul Level, You Are Another Me
    and I Am You as well

    How i treat you, so i treat myself

    Naturally an Natural Ethic without rules emerges, a completely Fluid Knowing of Right Behavior,
    a Spontanious Flow

    Moment by Moment

    Sitting in Silence Together will be the tool & the joy of the days

    Communication in telepathic ways will occur naturally thru the merging and surrendering of identities

    Ideas will open up & guidance from the spirit realm of our higher dimensions/selves will flood in and provide the framework for all practical action

    The “Empty Center” of the wePod will naturally prevent individual ego trips & excess

    Because of the constant ATTUNEMENT to and PRESENCE OF SPIRIT, the activities of the Pod, this unified field will be put into SERVICE for a GREATER GOOD, for a bigger task than the Pod itself

    THE WORK most probably will be in Telepathic, Supra-mental levels of Manifestation of new structures for the new emerging society

    There will be constant and numerous collaborations & co-creation activities with numerous groups all over the planet and beyond ; D

    All this “Work” is appearing effortlessly and playfully from the flow of joyful & spontaneous interaction inside the WePod

    Ambitions, pressure, stress, strain & such are no more reality, no more needed to get things done

    Synchronicity & Attune-ment
    Resonance & Harmonic Overtones
    are daily signs of the Miracle that is occurring!




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