woman playing piano

Our need to give ourselves deeply…

By Patricia Albere

As human beings, our default setting is to be focused on ourselves, what we want, what we think, what captures our interest, what we are pushing away, creating for ourselves,  etc.  Even when we are focused on other human beings it’s in a self-referential way – how they relate to us, our needs, experiences and interests.

In the work we do in the Evolutionary Collective, we give people an opportunity to pay attention to something else.  We invite each other to be as present, as vulnerable, and sensitive to exactly what is occurring in this moment together.  Sounds simple, and in a way it is, but the power of being ‘invited’ to give yourself begins something crucial for us as human beings.  For the most part, we live in a world where we aren’t ‘seen’ and rarely we give ourselves and our gifts to the max.   Some people manage to ‘go for it’ and push into the world and give what they can, make things happen and express themselves but the deepest level of ‘Self’ is rarely given.

In our post-modern world, we are asked as individuals to find better ways to come out and develop ourselves so we can give our gifts but I think there is something so much more at the heart of what it is to be human that we are longing to experience and live.

The vulnerability of the young woman in the video above, inspired this blog. Her willingness to stand on the stage, in her nervousness and to give herself to the audience, in her depth and vulnerability is a tribute to what we all want to give. Her tears that came as she was being mirrored by the judges I think touches something in all of us. Her beauty and depth, so real, so available, so touchable is what I’ve discovered all human beings have when they are truly invited to give of themSelves. There is a rawness in our authenticity. There is a mutual discovery when we share ourselves authentically. I know for myself, when that sharing is occurring, I discover new dimensions of myself in the same moment I am sharing fully with the person who is inviting me. Their depth of Being is opening at the same time as well. Mutual awakening is this deep invitation – almost a ‘demand’ to give yourSelf to me, to you, to this moment. Everyone wants to be ‘invited’. We just need to learn how and practice it so often and so completely with each other, that we return from the recesses of being hidden into our full glory and shine on together….

Consider this…

  • When have you experienced giving yourself, where you felt it was real, complete and received?  How important was that for you?
  • Did it matter what the content was of what you were sharing or was it something else?
  • Who knows you at your depth?  what elements of self were shared – beauty, brilliance, sweetness, power, goodness, clarity, sensuality, divinity?
  • What difference would it make in your life if there were people who invited all of who you are and all of what you have to give and more….?