A 4-Week Virtual Course in MUTUAL TRUST

Mutual Trust is one of the Eight Activating Principles that make Evolutionary Relating possible.
Trust is the invisible foundation that affects our relationship to ourselves, others and life itself. It is what allows us to relax, feel confident, resilient and act with power and effectiveness. Trust allows us to feel safe in our relationships – to feel free to love and create together. A foundation of trust is what makes everything worthwhile in life possible. Without it nothing works and our relationships are mired in struggle, tension and misunderstanding. If even our ordinary human relationships fall into dysfunction without a foundation of trust, you can well imagine that the higher possibility of evolutionary relating is impossible without it. This course is designed for those who aspire to the possibility of creating Evolutionary Relationships in their lives.

Why is Mutual Trust Essential?
In this 4-week virtual course you will gain mastery in three dimensions of trust that create relationships strong enough to withstand the inevitable breeches of trust that all relationships are subject to: Basic Trust, Relative Trust and Authentic Trust. This degree of mastery is essential if we aspire to engage in evolutionary relating with others.

What's Included?

mutual trust cd

Four 60-minute audio mp3s covering the essentials of that week’s topic.

Each week you’ll receive one 60-min audio recording for you to download and listen as many times as you desire. You’ll learn the foundations of that week’s topic (see content description below) and gain deeper understanding through question and answer sessions. Patricia Albere covers important learning distinctions as well as ways to start applying this in your life immediately.

mutual trust transcripts

Transcripts of each week’s audio recording.

You’ll receive complete transcripts of each week’s audio file, sent to you in pdf form. These are for you to refer to anytime and have an additional resource to integrate the teachings in a written format.

mutual trust homework

Weekly integration homework.

Begin in applying what you learn immediately and start deepening your capacity for mutual trust (and thus evolutionary relationships) by putting it into practice. These weekly assignments are tailored to build on one another every week as you develop greater awareness and the building blocks of Mutual Trust in your personal life.

mutual trust meditation

BONUS Meditation Download!

Once you register you’ll receive a stand-alone “Living Daylight” meditation that can be used daily to restore your relationship to Basic Trust. Using this guided meditation regularly can dissolve our tendency to mistrust life and ourselves. From there, we can begin to truly experience being held in the loving embrace of the universe – a place that is fully alive, pervaded by intelligent consciousness and love.

Week #1: BASIC TRUST – Part 1

Trust is the invisible foundation for our relationship to our selves, each other and existence itself. The Basic Trust dimension of is the most fundamental and powerful and recovering it will shift your entire experience of life and relating. The first 2 weeks will focus on the recovery of Basic Trust. During week #1:

  • Discover what basic trust is and how if you recover your relationship to it, your life and development would unfold naturally.
  • Experience the ‘Living Daylight’ meditation – a practice that helps to restore basic trust
  • Learn where basic trust is missing in your life and how to restore it
  • Find out what ‘holding environment’ is necessary for you to rebuild trust

“If basic trust informs your experience, your psyche is relaxed. Your soul is at peace with itself and with your situation, resting in the unquestioned confidence that the universe provides, that you have, and will receive, what you really need, and that things are workable. If we really have this trust, this deep inner relaxation, it becomes possible to live our lives out of love, out of an appreciation of life, out of enjoyment in what the universe provides for us, and out of compassion and kindness for others and ourselves.

Without it, we live our lives defensively, in conflict with others and with ourselves, becoming self-centered and egoistic. To find our basic trust is to reconnect with our natural state that we have become separated from.

When we are innately infused by reality, our soul or consciousness is completely transparent to the truth that we and the universe are one, that we are supported by reality and that reality is by its very nature good, and that what happens is inevitably right since it emerges out of that inherent perfection.

When you understand this, it becomes obvious why it is so difficult to relax and let go, and why it is so important regain our basic trust.” -A. H. Almaas

mutual trust course

Week #2: BASIC TRUST – Part 2

Basic trust is incredibly important because it permeates everything. As we find it again on all levels of our being then we can begin to relax and release our projections of mistrust on the world that basically get construed through our egos.

During week #2, this will be explored in depth, including:

  • What kind of support do we need from each other, exactly, to call forth our greatest potentials – for ourselves individually and for our relationship
  • Learn the 3 ways to restore basic trust


Week three will focus on Relative Trust. You will learn that our trustworthiness rests on the development of both our character and competence. You will identify where you need to develop to take your relationships to a new level of trust. Additionally, you will:

  • Learn how integrity affects trust – for ourselves and for our relationships
  • Discover how to relate to expectations to create trust
  • Find out where we need to have clear self knowledge in order to sustain trust in our relationships
  • Discover why certain areas of your life don’t work and have to turn them around


Our final session will explore Authentic Trust. In order to have a more and more evolving relationship, this level of authentic trust is needed. Here, our trust becomes powerful enough to recover even through the inevitable experience of betrayal. In this week’s material, we’ll be addressing this and more:

  • How can we mutually create a relationship that can generate full trust after trust has been broken?
  • Understand the “enemies” of trust that can affect your relationships
  • Learn why trust needs to be ‘mutual’ in an evolutionary relationship

What Others are Saying

“The distinctions in relation to relative trust have been so helpful!! I have never experienced anything so clear and simple, yet profound in its impact on grounding a greater trust in my being. Enjoying doing the living daylight meditation most morning and night since week 1 of the Course. I have allowed myself to take the teaching to heart and let it have its way with me.”

~ Xanthe Katsouras,
Holistic Coach,Writer
BA(Psych), PGDip(Psych),Dip RM

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About Patricia Albere
In the world of spiritual enlightenment, people who have experienced awakenings almost always experience them individually – eyes shut, in quiet solitude. The spiritual paradigm of the last three thousand years has been singularly devoted to our individual salvation or solo enlightenment. Patricia Albere, uniquely experienced a sustained awakening that resulted in a different kind of realization, a dual realization that happened with another. That shared awakening points to a new dimension of consciousness and an extraordinary possibility for humanity’s future. The consciousness mirrors the discoveries of quantum physics, and some have called this mutual awakening or unilocal realization. Patricia is perfectly positioned to bring forth the transmission, practices and perspectives that will allow us to awaken into shared unity together. Her work creates a powerful and palpable field of shared consciousness and love that reveals previously unimagined human potentials that can move humanity far beyond the limits of personal growth or self-development and into mutual awakening.
Tuition: $197
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